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POW! Academy

We're delighted to announce the POW! Academy is now available for British Gymnastics registered clubs, leisure centres and delivery partners to download and deliver! 

The POW! Academy is an initiative created by British Gymnastics and The Powerpuff Girls, linked to our hugely popular Core Proficiency Award Scheme.

Aimed at budding gymnasts aged 5-11 years, the POW! Academy challenges gymnasts to showcase their talents, to be proud of their achievements and display their skills in a brand new way. We know gymnastics develops so much more than physical skills, so we want to reward gymnasts for demonstrating qualities shared with The Powerpuff Girls, creating happy, positive and active children!

The POW! Academy challenges gymnasts to link together the skills that they have mastered within their Core Proficiency Awards to create exciting sequences around 8 key qualities:

 pow academy awards graphic 2

Every time a gymnast successfully achieves a new level, they’ll be rewarded through a new badge and certificate scheme.

The POW! Academy is available exclusively to member organisations and complements the successful Core Proficiency Awards. Member clubs can access the resources in GymNET now. Here you’ll find all the documents you’ll need to deliver POW! Academy under the GfA Resources button in the Resource Centre. Find all the relevant resources under the activity heading ready for you to download and/or save.

Follow the below route to sign up for the activity before checking back in GfA Resources to download the Delivery Guide and wall charts:

Go to:

> Club management
> Club info
> Activities
> Scroll to the chosen activity - POW! Academy (a green tick means your club has the right qualifications to deliver)
> Tick an age category
> Check back to Resource Centre>GfA resources to find POW! Academy

Delivery partners and leisure centres should contact their British Gymnastics relationship manager to access the resources. 


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