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Rhythmic British Championships

BritishRhythmicThe Rhythmic British Championships is most prestigious event on the Rhythmic national calendar.

The competition includes the categories; under 11s, under 12s, GMPD (Gymnastics and movement for people with disabilities), Juniors and Seniors. There is an All-Around Final as well as Individual Apparatus Finals.

The 2013 Rhythmic British Championships will take place at Fenton Manor Sports Complex in Stoke, with a date TBC.

Performed mostly by women, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a discipline combining grace, coordination, agility and artistry. Accompanied by stirring music, the gymnast uses small hand apparatus to weave a routine of flawless beauty moulding gymnast, music and apparatus into one.

The handling of apparatus whilst performing complex turns, pivots, balances and contortionist like movements are characteristic trademarks of this intriguing gymnastics discipline.