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Block Registration


Block Registration Scheme

The Block Registration Scheme (BRS) was implemented to provide British Gymnastics registered clubs with an extended insurance policy covering transient, non-British Gymnastics members taking part in gymnastics carried out in a British Gymnastics recognised environment.  BRS is perfect for activities that sit outside of traditional British Gymnastics membership activities such as Pay and Play or Adult classes.


What does the scheme mean for clubs?

Through this scheme clubs may run gymnastic sessions for participants that do not fit into the traditional membership model as it enables the club to purchase public liability insurance to protect against claims of negligence and, furthermore, the scheme also provides limited personal accident insurance to the individual participant.

The main benefit to clubs is that, as the participants will change throughout the year, BRS eliminates the need to supply details of individual participants to British Gymnastics.  It is crucial however that clubs keep accurate records of participants attending sessions as they may need to be produced as evidence of attendance at the request of British Gymnastics or their insurers.

British Gymnastics registered Clubs and Coaches participating in BRS can be confident that all their gymnastic activities are covered by public liability insurance in the event that a participant brings a claim for negligence against them.


How does this scheme differ from the traditional membership model?

Firstly participants who are insured through the BRS are NOT members of British Gymnastics and are not able to enjoy the benefits of membership, with the exception of limited personal accident insurance.  If gymnasts covered under this scheme wish to participate in regular sessions, enter any competitions (including club to club) or festivals, they will need to be at least a Bronze member.  If you need any further information our Customer Support team will be happy to help.  They can be contacted on 0345 129 7129 (Calls to an 0345 number are charged at a standard rate (calls from mobile phones may vary). Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes).


How to apply for the Block Registration Scheme

Places are booked on an annual basis as this better enables you to plan the year’s activities in the knowledge that the insurance cover is in place, giving clubs much greater flexibility to implement and change programmes and start new activities.

BRS is charged at £13 per place for the year – to clarify this you are covering a place rather than an individual, so that each ‘place’ may be used by multiple participants during the year.  For example, if you booked 20 BRS places for the year, you could have 20 different participants each week and you would still only pay for 20 places.  This is why BRS is so cost-effective and flexible for transient activities.

Clubs that request BRS will be charged from the beginning of the membership year, October 1st. The application is as follows:

1)      Club completes and submits application form to British Gymnastics via GymNet

2)      British Gymnastics approves the application (If the application is declined British Gymnastics will contact the club to discuss the reasons; for example incomplete form or regular participation)

3)      British Gymnastics adds the BRS charge to the club shopping basket on GymNet with the status of ‘conditional’, which means payment pending.  An e-mail is sent to the club to confirm charge is ready for payment.

4)      Upon receipt of payment the status of the charge will change to ‘current’ at which time insurance cover will commence.  Please note where payment is declined by your bank, the activity(ies) will not be covered by the insurance until such time as the amount due is paid.


Conditions of the Block Registration Scheme

Clubs must keep registers of all participants insured under the BRS by maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of the number of sessions attended by each participant throughout the course of the insurance period (duration of course, sessions or programme). Details to include participants’ name, address, date of birth and the date of session(s) attended.  British Gymnastics and our insurers reserve the right to view these records at any time.  All classes are to be run by appropriately qualified coaches and must adhere to British Gymnastics policies, including the British Gymnastics Health, Safety and Welfare Policy, and British Gymnastics Safeguarding Children Policy.  Relevant policies can be viewed by visiting the membership document downloads section on our website


What doesn’t the Block Registration Scheme cover?

The scheme does not cover unsupervised gymnastic activities or activities not designated as British Gymnastics recognised activities. 

It does not cover gymnasts who are regularly participating. 

It does not cover participants that are not yet in full-time education (pre-school).

It does not cover anybody over the age of 80.

It does not cover any participants to take part in any competitions or festivals, including club to club.


For further advice please contact Customer Support at British Gymnastics either by email to or by phone on 0345 129 7129 (Calls to an 0345 number are charged at a standard rate (calls from mobile phones may vary). Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes) to discuss your needs.