Apprenticeship Programme

bg apprenticeship

The BG apprenticeship programme returns again in 2017 in partnership with Bridgwater College, and whether you’re a club or an individual, you can now register your interest to be part of it.

Clubs: If your club is looking to increase participation and capacity or needs assistance in coping with the current demands in our sport, then employing an apprentice might be just what you need. It may be that you need another qualified coach to help run classes, ongoing assistance with administrative tasks and future development of the club or support with managing the timetable of activities you currently have. With the hands on experience that you can give an apprentice, and the ongoing support both the club and the individual will receive from British Gymnastics, it could be the perfect partnership to create a positive impact at your club.

Criteria your club will need to meet:
- Clubs will need to be affiliated to British Gymnastics and based in England
- You should be able to employ the apprentice for a minimum of 12 months including a minimum of 30 hours per week of which 8 are devoted to online learning.
- Be able to pay the apprentice the relevant hourly pay in accordance with their age and national Minimum Wage or National Living Wage (whichever is appropriate).
- Provide appropriate opportunities in the work environment for learners to achieve their framework e.g. work shadowing, witness statements etc.
- Provide the apprentice with desk space

Individuals: Applications for the programme will be open for one month throughout March, where you’ll be able to apply. The course is delivered via online learning, meaning it can be completed anywhere in England, making it completely accessible for anyone, anywhere.

Minimum requirements to become an Apprentice:
- Be able to work a minimum of 30 contracted hours per week, for the duration of the Apprenticeship
- Have long term aspirations to fulfil a career in the gymnastics environment
- Fulfil the requirements of the Terms and Conditions of the Employer and the College
- Engage and attend all training activity provided by British Gymnastics
- Engage with College expectations including code of conduct

Course specific entry requirements will alter depending on the qualification chosen to study. This information will be provided prior to applications opening.

If you can tick each of the above boxes, register your interest now by emailing We’ll then contact you directly with further information when applications for the programme are open.

In the meantime, why not take a look at what some of our current Apprentice’s and clubs have to say about the programme:

"We wanted to increase the number of coaches we have in the club as we want to offer more classes. Our resources are currently limited, so having an Apprentices on board is very helpful. The Apprenticeship gives them a relevant qualification that they may be able to use to further their career. It also gives younger members of the club an opportunity to gain a recognised qualification and allows them to progress as an individual." – Andy Madcuff, Centre Director, Bromley Valley Gymnastics Club

“It is an excellent way of retaining current coaches, as people don’t currently view coaching as a full time career. It shows people that there is full time career opportunities available and that gymnastic clubs can be run as a business.” – Felicity Candler-O'Donnell, Head Coach & Club Manager, MK Springers

“The Apprenticeship Programme has increased my confidence levels, for example I now have more confidence in coaching and leading my own gymnastics group. During the programme my communication skills have also improved, as I have been put out of my comfort zone and also because I have been given the opportunity to network and interact with the other Apprentices on the programme at the Lilleshall training residentials.” – Courteney, 2016 Apprentice, Bromley Valley Gymnastics Club