Facilities - British Gymnastics


Supporting the development of new gymnastics facilities in our gymnastics community is a key part of the current British Gymnastics strategy. To help with this, we have a Facility Development Team to advise and support our Clubs and Partners with their facility projects.


Please log onto the GymNet Resource Centre for access to the BG Facility Development Strategy, resource documents and case studies, or email [email protected] to be put in touch with a member of the Facilities Team.

There are many direct and indirect additional benefits to facility development projects that make them an integral part of club development.

             Extra capacity for Clubs’ to increase their BG membership

             More space to allow for extra/different gymnastics equipment

             Additional time to allow for diversification of gymnastics activities offered

             Providing a driver for Clubs to improve their governance and operation

             Opportunities for more gymnastics related employment/careers (coaching, club management, apprenticeships, etc.).

             Potential for more Club focus on performance pathways

             Professionalising the delivery of the sport

             More venues to host low level events and competitions.

             Increased profile locally for Clubs (with LA, CSP, local press, etc.)

             Long term sustainability of the sport.