We are keen to support our Clubs and Partners with developing new and improved facilities.

Dedicated gymnastics facilities allow for a wide range of potential benefits including:

  • Increased participation opportunities
  • Wider range of equipment
  • Greater diversity of activity delivery
  • Improved governance and operations
  • Additional coaching and other gymnastics careers
  • Venue for local events and competitions
  • Ability to focus on performance pathways

Key Documents
pdf Facility Strategy 2017-2021 (450 KB)
pdf Feasibility Flowchart (118 KB)
pdf Facility Development Guide (242 KB)

Technical Documents
pdf Facility Strategy 2017-2021 (450 KB)
pdf Planning Change of Use Guide (175 KB)
pdf Lease Agreements Guide (175 KB)
pdf Sports Equipment Guide (591 KB)
spreadsheet British Gymnastics Income & Expenditure Template (117 KB)

Case Studies - gymnastics clubs

ClubIndustrial UnitAsset TransferNew BuildOther
pdf Aspire Gymnastics Club (952 KB)
pdf Quayside Trampoline & Gymnastics Club (917 KB)
pdf Zero Gravity Academy of Gymnastics & Trampoline (540 KB)
pdf Nottingham City Gymnastics Club (755 KB)
pdf Northern Hope Gymnastics Club (1005 KB)
pdf Darlington Gymnastics Club (969 KB)
pdf Esprit Gymnastics (1018 KB)
pdf Europa Gymnastics Centre (865 KB)
pdf Lightning School of Gymnastics (930 KB)
pdf Regis Gymnastics (198 KB)
pdf Haverhill Gymnastics Club (192 KB)
pdf Ultima Trampoline Club (617 KB)
pdf Xcel Gymnastics (294 KB)
pdf Pegasus Gymnastics Club (691 KB)
pdf Blandford Forum Gymnastics Club (898 KB)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we might help you further, please email: participation@british-gymnastics.org.