We are keen to support our Clubs and Partners with developing new and improved facilities.

Dedicated gymnastics facilities allow for a wide range of potential benefits including:

  • Increased participation opportunities
  • Wider range of equipment
  • Greater diversity of activity delivery
  • Improved governance and operations
  • Additional coaching and other gymnastics careers
  • Venue for local events and competitions
  • Ability to focus on performance pathways

Key Documents
pdf Facility Strategy 2017-2021 (450 KB)
pdf Feasibility Flowchart (118 KB)
pdf Facility Development Guide (242 KB)

Technical Documents
pdf Facility Strategy 2017-2021 (450 KB)
pdf Planning Change of Use Guide (175 KB)
pdf Lease Agreements Guide (175 KB)
pdf Sports Equipment Guide (591 KB)
spreadsheet British Gymnastics Income & Expenditure Template (117 KB)

Case Studies - gymnastics clubs

ClubIndustrial UnitAsset TransferNew BuildOther
pdf Aspire Gymnastics Club (952 KB) ü
pdf Quayside Trampoline & Gymnastics Club (917 KB) ü
pdf Zero Gravity Academy of Gymnastics & Trampoline (540 KB) ü
pdf Nottingham City Gymnastics Club (755 KB) ü
pdf Northern Hope Gymnastics Club (1005 KB) ü
pdf Darlington Gymnastics Club (969 KB) ü
pdf Esprit Gymnastics (1018 KB) ü
pdf Europa Gymnastics Centre (865 KB) ü
pdf Lightning School of Gymnastics (930 KB) ü
pdf Regis Gymnastics (198 KB) ü
pdf Haverhill Gymnastics Club (192 KB) ü
pdf Ultima Trampoline Club (617 KB) ü
pdf Xcel Gymnastics (294 KB) ü

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we might help you further, please email: participation@british-gymnastics.org.