Club Networking
British Gymnastics has developed an exciting toolkit for clubs and coaches to use. Club Networking is a developmental programme for Gymnastics that aims to create working partnerships between clubs.

These partnership-based networks together, can have a wider influence and impact in their local area helping to widen provision for Gymnastics.   The flexible approach to a ‘Network’ means that each one can be tailored to meet the needs of the clubs involved.  A ‘Network’ may choose to work to develop gymnastic performance levels, help to increase participation opportunities or widen provision for competitions and festivals.

There are many benefits and opportunities that can be developed through clubs working together.  These include sharing resources such as facilities, staffing and equipment.  Joined up resources that could support the setting up of new clubs and/or satellite clubs.  Clubs with non-dedicated facilities could also form partnerships with other clubs that allows them access to dedicated centres.  Working as a joint body for gymnastics in the local area will give the sport a higher profile and influence.  

A Network will comprise of at least 3 British Gymnastics Clubs and is formed following the completion of 2 Core documents:

1.    Network Agreement – Lists the clubs in the Network, their aims and objectives, club representatives and agreements on how often they will meet
2.    Pathway Table – Identifies what disciplines are offered in the Network and aids the retention of gymnasts

Within a typical Network any of the following clubs can be involved:

•    Hub Club – Has the ability to develop a gymnast’s performance in that particular discipline higher than other clubs in the Network
•    Development Club – Provides a range of disciplines and activities, may aspire to become a hub club
•    Foundation/Feeder Club – Provides recreational gymnastics and usually based in a leisure centre or school
•    Pre School providers – based at nurseries and leisure centres

As well as the 2 Core documents the Network completes to become recognised (mentioned above), there are Optional Characteristics available to support the growth and development of the Network. These are:

•    Shared Facility Use agreements – Supports clubs in the Network to share facilities to all clubs advantage
•    Mentoring Programmes – Higher performing coaches supporting new and developing coaches and their gymnasts
•    Competition and Festivals – Networks can organise and deliver festivals and competitions
•    Joint Financing –Clubs can jointly input funds and gain equipment, pay for a coach or hire a facility
•    The creation of satellite centres –Jointly developing new clubs and centres within your Network through pooling resources.

To aid the development of ‘Networks’, the British Gymnastics development team will work with you through the process, helping you to develop a quality programme that benefits all involved.  To speak to your development officer about setting up a ‘Network’ or for more information, please click here.