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Case Studies

Using Insight to retain and increase club membership

Cheshire Gymnastics has used insight to grow its club numbers by offering a broad variety of gymnastics activities. Read this case study to learn about the club’s journey – how they used British Gymnastics’ ‘Participant Modelling’ research to offer their gymnasts a great experience, retain members and gain many more.

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What Does Great Coaching Look Like?

Working in partnership with sports coach UK and Skyblue Research Ltd, a piece of work was conducted to demonstrate the impact that great coaching can have on participants in sport. This case study showcases some great coaching practice which has led to high retention rates at Bromsgrove Gymnastics Club.

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Growing Through Retention

Research into the reasons for drop-out in gymnastics has shown that the key to retention is to focus on the relationship with participants and their parents. This case study shows that providing great customer service to participants and parents keeps them at a club for longer. Esprit gymnastics club has adopted a customer service programme that has massively reduced their drop-out and helped increase membership. This case study offers practical and simple activities your club could adopt to help retain participants.

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Effective Practice Case Studies – Retention

British Gymnastics worked with the Institute of Youth Sport at Loughborough University to conduct research into the reasons for drop-out in gymnastics. As part of the research they visited four clubs which were shown to be demonstrating effective practice in terms of retaining participants in the sport for much longer than the average drop-out age of 9 years old.