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Satellite Venues

What is a Satellite Venue?

Satellites are essentially new training venues for gymnastics clubs and provide the opportunity for registered British Gymnastics clubs to:

- Expand Capacity within a club
- Act as feeder clubs into Primary venue
- Deliver new initiatives, programmes and disciplines
- Engage further with the local community
- Engage a different audience
- Develop and strengthen relationships with key partners

Where can a Satellite club run?

Satellites should run from an additional venue to the main hub club venue. The Satellite can vary from a school hall, a Community Centre, Youth Centre to a Church Hall etc. but they all have similar features:

- Based locally allowing access to a different audience
- Run every week for at least 1 hour
- A clear identity, reflecting that of the primary club
- Run by club coaches and volunteers - a key link to the club
- Less formal structure and membership that is based on the needs of the young people
- It's members reflect the local population

These satellite venues are vital for the development of gymnastics in Britain as they are responsible for increasing opportunities to participate and also to develop up and coming gymnasts. There are also a number of other benefits to setting up a new satellite venue, such as;

- Increased membership
- Greater number of children for talent identification
- A better structure for progression, using the proficiency awards
- Reduced waiting lists, therefore better service
- Increased income
- Providing opportunities for coaches to earn income
- Demonstrating effective school clubs link


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