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Disability Gymnastics

We are keen to support our clubs and partners to become more inclusive and to develop more opportunities for disabled people.

Following the 2016 Paralympic Games where the eyes of the world focussed on the incredible achievements of Paralympic athletes across all sports, we’re proud to announce that we have enlisted seven Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors to act as inspiring role models within Disability Gymnastics. Read their own individual stories below.

Meet our Disability Gymnastics Ambassadors 
- pdf Alex Buesnel (208 KB)
- pdf Tiri Hughes (177 KB)
- pdf Skye Swinton (184 KB)
- pdf Natasha Coates (170 KB)
- pdf Ethan Davidson (256 KB)
- pdf Elodie Lambert (251 KB)
- pdf Erin Minto (218 KB)

Meet our Disability Gymnastics Coaching Ambassadors
- pdf Jemma Kilkerri (332 KB)
- pdf Pamela Laws (1.16 MB)

Our I’M IN Programme offers a range of support to any British Gymnastics clubs and partners who want to get started in disability gymnastics. From establishing a new disability programme or enhancing an existing programme, we are able to offer various levels of support. The I’M IN programme offers a range of newly developed coaching clinics, support to help you set up Discover Disability Gymnastics taster days, as well as offering additional support and advice on other available resources.


We have developed a number of resources to support clubs and other partners to develop disability gymnastics, and have made these available below.


Our Disability Gymnastics Guide is available for you to download from GymNet in Resource Centre > GFA resources > I'm IN/Disability

Case Studies:
- pdf Inclusive mainstream vs dedicated disability sessions (492 KB)
- pdf Inclusive venue (333 KB)
- pdf Inclusive accreditation (231 KB)
- pdf Making links with special schools 1 (285 KB)
- pdf Making links with special schools 2 (188 KB)

Support Documents:
- document Inclusive club development action plan (634 KB)
- document Club equality policy template (178 KB)
- pdf Gymnastics specific equality act guidance (219 KB)
- pdf How to word an inclusive statement (215 KB)
- document Additional needs information request (148 KB)
- pdf Inclusive actions for staff role descriptions (185 KB)
- document Disability awareness presentation (193 KB)
- document Participant satisfaction questionnaire (168 KB)
- pdf Disability gymnastics equipment (418 KB)

If you have any questions, or would like to hear how we might be able to support you to become more inclusive, please email [email protected]