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What are International Festivals?

International Festivals

Gymnastics festivals take place all over the world and many are open to all countries to attend.  Gymnastics federations, the UEG and the FIG all organise festivals and some of these are annually, bi annually or every 4 years.

The core festival opportunities are:

FIG World Gymnaestrada - The World Gymnaestrada is a world-wide, non-competitive FIG Gymnastics for All event held every 4 years and attracting the largest number of active participants of any FIG event. Participation is for everybody, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, culture, ability or social standing. The next Gymnaestrada is in Amsterdam, Netherlands in August 2023.

UEG EuroGym - Performances, workshops and parties, EUROGYM is a huge social non-competitive event for youngsters held every 2 years, where everyone is welcome.  The next EuroGym is in Reykjavík, Iceland  is due to take place in 2021.

Federation events – National federation led events based on the principles of the World Gymnaestrada

If you are thinking of taking part in an international festival, read our Top Tips which have been provided by seasoned travellers.

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