Testimonials - British Gymnastics


It’s impossible to put down on paper how amazing the event is. To try and convey this we have asked a variety of clubs and gymnasts who have previously attended to tell you about their experience:

EUROGYM is one of the best festivals I have attended. With great performance areas, workshops and parties, my gymnasts were entertained from 8.30am-10.30pm every day. Performing in front of 10,000 people during the gala is a display I will never forget. An experience of a life time - Wendy (coach)

Every minute of it was great... wish we were still there to do it all again! -Jennifer aged 14

EUROGYM was the most amazing experience…it was the best thing I have ever done. I cannot believe we actually represented Great Britain! - Iona age 12

Not every gymnast can say that they took part in an opening and closing ceremony, marched through the town carrying the Union Jack, performed in front of 10,000 spectators and wore a GB tracksuit…but our gymnasts did and will remember EUROGYM for the rest of their lives. - Ruth (coach)

What an amazing experience!  It was a good to spend time with the rest of the team and a fantastic opportunity to meet thousands of others from all over Europe! James aged 16

Jonas Juhl Christiansen who is a member of the Swedish Gymnastic Federation and a previous attendee at EUROGYM expresses his opinions of this event:

The joy of movement, the joy of friendship, the joy of laughter, the joy of summer, the joy of all those small, unforeseen elements and experiences that you just cannot put into words. EUROGYM is the perfect combination of all this – and so much more! Trying to express EUROGYM in words is nearly impossible. You honestly HAVE to experience it!

Ok, I admit, I am a true gymnastics geek – and proud of it! I love gymnastics and I absolutely love EUROGYM. It is about meeting others just like you from all over Europe and discovering that movement is life (which by the way is the slogan for 9th EUROGYM 2014). So I encourage you to start your movement towards Helsingborg and aim for a fantastic week together! If I can give you just one advice it is this: make sure that all your young gymnasts back home are not just offered the possibility, but also encouraged to par­ticipate in EUROGYM. Trust me: they will absolutely love you for it! EUROGYM can be the best week of their lives and you, as a responsible leader, can make it happen. The energy you will all feel during the performances, the joy of all the workshops and parties – memories that will stay with everyone for many years to come. The young gymnasts are at the absolute centre of attention at EUROGYM – all you have to do is help them into the spotlight!