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gym fit
GymFit is a programme which can be used to improve the general fitness and physical condition of your participants via a series of fun and challenging exercise work cards. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced work cards which work the upper body, lower body, core and cardio vascular system. The programme is flexible in application and is suitable for a wide range of ability groups. It can be adapted for use by small or large groups, individuals and disabled participants. GymFit can take place in any gymnastics environment and is open to British Gymnastics registered participants under the supervision of a minimum level 2 coach.

How can GymFit help you?

  • It is a great way for your teenagers to continue their participation in gymnastics and can also attract new participants to your club who want to keep fit and stay in shape.
  • It can enhance and add new ideas to your current club programme.
  • With over 100 exercises to choose from you can add a variety of activities to your sessions.
  • It is a flexible, informal, non-traditional training opportunity which offers additional motivation for your participants.
  • It will help to improve the fitness levels of your gymnasts

Clubs can register now via GymNET

Visit the club management folder, select club information, select activities page and scroll down to GymFit. You will be able to choose which age groups you offer, if you support disabilities and if you have space currently available.

After registration you will receive access to the GymFit delivery guide, all work cards and poster and postcard templates to help you advertise your sessions.

Where to find out more...

For more information on GymFit, please contact 

GymFit packs are also available on the BG online shop - GymFit Pack