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Introductory Aerobics

If you like the idea of high-energy performances and are looking to incorporate fun and fitness for both individuals and teams, Introductory Aerobics might be for you!

We have developed a brand new 12 session resource pack, complete with supporting videos and music to help your club get started in aerobic gymnastics.

Any British Gymnastics level 1 coach (except Pre-School) can deliver the resource and no equipment is needed – all you need is some floor space and you are ready to go!

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Ideal for 11+ gymnasts, but suitable for all ages, Introductory Aerobics incorporates flexibility, strength and stamina, and gives gymnasts the opportunity to learn new skills and perform alongside their friends.

A new competition framework, Introductory Aerobic Code (IAC), has also been developed to enable participants to compete alongside their friends in teams of three to six. For more information, check out our competition handbook for routines and judging guidance.

To access the above resources, sign up to Introductory Aerobics on GymNET and the resources will appear in your resource centre ready for download.

If you would like to find out more information, require support with implementing Introductory Aerobics or organising an IAC competition, please email