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POW! Academy

Our exciting initiative, POW! Academy is available with free, useful, easy to use downloads. We've created lots of support tools to help you implement POW! Academy:

    • Video sequences - watch each sequence, performed by our elite artistic gymnasts. Designed to help coaches and to share with gymnasts and parents.
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    • Supporting wall charts for each sequence with handy hints and tips

      Download FREE A4 versions below.
      If you prefer larger printed versions to place within your facility for gymnasts to follow, these can be purchased from the British Gymnastics Official Shop.

pdf Fun A4 wall chart (1.77 MB)
pdf Creative A4 wall chart (1.06 MB)
pdf Active A4 wall chart (1.10 MB)
pdf Power A4 wall chart (1.06 MB)
pdf Confidence A4 wall chart (1.08 MB)
pdf Friendship A4 wall chart (1.15 MB)
pdf Positive energy A4 wall chart (1013 KB)
pdf Team spirit A4 wall chart (1.36 MB)


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What is POW! Academy?

Aimed at budding gymnasts aged 5-11 years, POW! Academy challenges gymnasts to showcase their talents, to be proud of their achievements and display their skills in a brand-new way.

We know gymnastics develops so much more than physical skills, so we want to reward gymnasts for demonstrating qualities shared with The Powerpuff Girls, creating happy, positive and active children!

Every time a gymnast successfully achieves a new level, they’ll be rewarded through a new badge and certificate scheme.

Member clubs can deliver POW! Academy:

1 Alongside current Core Proficiency activity as POW! Academy complements Core Proficiency Awards

If your gymnasts are already familiar with Core Proficiency, POW! Academy will give them a new way to showcase their skills! You can do this in a variety of ways, for example allowing your gymnasts to start POW! Academy at their current award level i.e. if a gymnast has recently passed Core Proficiency Award 6, they'll have mastered all of the skills needed to perform their ‘Active’ sequence

Or you could run all of the POW! Academy awards one after the other, through the holidays or leading up to a special event or awards evening

The two initiatives complement each other as follows:

POW!Academy Core Proficiency
Fun 8
Creative 7
Active 6
Power 5
Confidence 4
Friendship 3
Positive energy 2
Team spirit 1

2 By delivering POW! Academy initiative as a stand-alone option

You can deliver POW! Academy to your gymnasts as all the skills included are the most common foundation skills needed within our sport. It is, however, vital that gymnasts are competent at performing each skill before they apply it in a POW! Academy sequence.

Don't forget to visit British Gymnastics Official Shop to purchase badges and certificates to reward your gymnasts!


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