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TeamGym has been identified as a focus work area for Gymnastics for All as it contributes to the participation motivations highlighted within the Participant Model for Gymnastics, demonstrating its ability to grow participation through retaining members and reducing drop-out. The development of new participation, display and competitive opportunities for the TeamGym audience will enthuse and motivate the British Gymnastics community to stay engaged and be retained within the sport.

A standardised entry level competition format has been produced, providing relevant and accessible competitive opportunities for all. The rules developed align to the existing national TeamGym competition framework and aim to create regular competitive opportunities at local level.

Level 2 BG coaches with qualifications in GG, MAG, TG, TUM and WAG are all eligible to deliver TeamGym sessions within their clubs and can take gymnasts to the GfA TeamGym L6 and L5 competitions (using only those skills within their syllabi), these can be found by registering for TeamGym as a GfA activity via your clubs' GymNET account.

Please contact if you would like to find out more or require support with promoting and organising your GfA TeamGym competition.

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