Preschool Discipline Specific Syllabus - British Gymnastics

Preschool Discipline Specific Syllabus

Once deemed Fit for Practice by the course tutor, you will be qualified to develop movements and skills from the syllabus (link below) with preschool children.

You are advised there are skills which you may be qualified to teach in other gymnastics disciplines which are not appropriate for preschool children. These skills can be found in the Prohibited Skills List in the link below. Any coach practising skills which are included in the prohibited skills list, supplied as part of the course syllabus, with preschool participants will be deemed to be operating outside their accredited syllabus. As a consequence of this, the skill would not be deemed to be a recognised activity within a recognised environment and any insurance cover would be rendered void.

Preschool Discipline Specific Syllabus

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