Aspire to Lead - British Gymnastics

Aspire to Lead

Inspiring and retaining future leaders

What is it?

Aspire to Lead is a regional leadership day to support the development of Young Leaders. It encourages them to improve their leadership skills, motivate them to become better leaders, and give the attendees new skills and knowledge to take back to their clubs.

Aspire to Lead has been designed to help retain, develop and up skill Young Leaders in a unique development environment. The aim being to teach the attendees new ideas, support them to develop their leadership skills on a regional platform, and provide an opportunity to attend sessions and workshops which wouldn’t otherwise be available. Supporting the attendee’s personal development and retaining them within the sport will help contribute to the future of the club workforce.

Who can attend?

Aspire to Lead is designed to cater for Young Leaders aged 11-16 following the MY Leadership Academy programme.

The Benefits:

Young Leaders will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from their region, giving them the opportunity to network and encouraging them to learn from one another’s skills and experience’s. Each day is unique but has similarities being made up of a mixture of courses, leadership skill development sessions, and workshops suitable for the age and level of experience of the attendees.

Attendees will leave the Aspire to Lead with the ability to:

  • Use developed leadership skills to enhance the quality and strength of their personal delivery within their club sessions.
  • Influence sessions at their club with the knowledge of BG products and programme
  • Mentor and support other leaders at their club

To find out more about Aspire to Lead and any future event dates, please email: