Coaching Waiver Application Form - British Gymnastics

Coaching Waiver Application Form

Objective of Waiver:

A Coaching Waiver can be applied for by a club where they have a specific short term need to continue a particular gymnastics activity in the absence of a coach in that discipline or at the correct level. We understand that issues occur in clubs and you need our support to keep your classes running. This could be, for example, because a coach has left the club or has a short term illness or injury that is preventing them from coaching. The Coaching Waiver is not designed to cover long term situations, provide permanent cover to any coach or enable out-of-discipline competition entries.  If a long term issue occurs please contact Customer Service and we will assist you in achieving a more permanent solution.

All applications will be considered on an individual basis and decisions will be based on a number of factors including the British Gymnastics insurance policy requirements, health and safety considerations, the needs of the club and, most importantly, the safety of the participants. 

The outcome of an application will be notified to the club and, if successful, will provide specific detail about the length of time the waiver covers, plus any specific caveats, restrictions or instructions.

Before completing the Coaching Waiver please ensure all coaches referenced (including the coach for which the waiver application applies) hold current British Gymnastics membership, current DBS criminal records checks and current Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificates.  If any of the coaches do not meet these pre-requisites the application will be automatically declined.


Club Details

This form must be completed by the Club Secretary or the named Head Coach  



Name of Club Secretary/Head Coach