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Orbit Milton Keynes - Running of Club

My wife and I have run and managed the club successfully since 1997. When running we compete successfully in Southern Region and the Trampoline League, and English events.

We run six days a week in the best leisure centre in the city at the best prime times where we house six trampolines and the necessary end decks, mats, and the use of an over-head rig. We have 200 active paying members and rising. 

We employ 8 qualified coaches, have qualified judges and a welfare officer. These personnel, MEMBERS AND OFFICIALS, wish to continue with the club as it runs now, at a good profit. 

The only change needed is for my wife and I to retire!! I shall be 77 this year, and wish to move on. 

Interested parties should contact me on
01908 313048 / 07752427604 / russorbit91jack@talktalk.net.