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What is a Volunteer?
In short a volunteer is someone who chooses to give their time to support a cause without financial reward. Volunteers are described as the life blood of British sport, and without them sport wouldn't be able to run successfully. Volunteers play a key role in gymnastics, with many clubs relying on them to help with the smooth running and sustainability of their activities.

Why volunteer?
There are many reasons people choose to become involved in volunteering, for example:

  • Escape boredom, feel useful and have fun
  • Meet new people by doing something new
  • Gain experience and learn new skills
  • Try out new career options to impress employers
  • Help the community and be with friends
  • Give something back by helping others
  • Gain recognition and prestige
  • Increase self-esteem and gain respect

Case studies
Read our case studies
to learn more about volunteering.

Want to get involved?
To find out more about volunteer opportunities in your local area, contact your local development officer, or email