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Please note the FUNdamentals Awards will be retiring on 31st July 2022. For more information on the products that are retiring due to the launch of Rise Gymnastics please visit ‘What British Gymnastics products will be impacted?’ For more information on the qualifications required to deliver and assist Rise Gymnastics please click here


FUNdamentals offers a wide range of activities organised within 16 themes, such as ‘seaside’ and ‘healthy eating’. Each theme is usually delivered over 6 sessions of approximately 45 minute duration. The programme delivery is signposted by FUNKY Cat and his friends, each created to identify a particular skill through a FUN medium. Steady enjoys doing all the balance activities, Springy enjoys jumping about, Stretchy enjoys the warm-up sessions, Speedy has good locomotory skills, Swingy enjoys using apparatus, Sporty is well co-ordinated and Funky Cat himself, is a good all-rounder.

During the sessions, children are transported into the World of FUNdamentals in which the iconic ‘Funky Cat’ leads them in a range of physical and musical activities that ensure their interest and excitement. At the end of each term, children receive badges, certificates and a medal to recognise their efforts and encourage them to progress further as well as to evidence participation and learning. The certificate and badge are attractively and colourfully designed and the certificate is personalised with the child’s name. There is a gold medal available as more themes are completed.

British Gymnastics Shop Fundamentals Resources

1 - Funky Cat Theme Tune.mp3
2 - Peter Rabbit.mp3
3 - Healthy Eating - Bean Song.mp3
4 - I Hear Thunder.mp3
5 - Travel.mp3
6 - Stepping Stones.mp3
7 - Teddy Bears Picnic.mp3
8 - Old Mother Hubbard.mp3
9 - Time.mp3
10 - Castle FUN.mp3
11 - Musical Statues.mp3
12 - Park Song.mp3
13 - Seaside.mp3
14 - Old MacDonalds Farm.mp3
15 - Adventure Fun.mp3
16 - Forest Fun.mp3
17 - Funky Cat reprise.mp3
18 - Healthy Eating.mp3

Welcome to the British Gymnastics Mentoring page. Whether you are a mentor or receiving mentoring, you will find useful information to support you here.

What is mentoring?

It is a well-established fact that being a gymnastics coach involves being many things to many people. In addition to being well-versed in delivering great gymnastics sessions, underpinned by well thought out plans, coaches also have an important part to play in helping others. 

Mentoring is a widely accepted term for the support and guidance given by an experienced person to another. It's about helping someone to want to develop themselves. It's people centred. It’s about inspiring others and being inspired yourself as a result. 

Mentoring Toolkit

We have designed a great resource for you to use, whether you are a mentor or a mentee. The Mentoring Toolkit provides guidance on how to build great mentor-mentee relationships, suggests topics and activities to complete during your relationship and has an assessment tool to assist in monitoring development. Head over to Club Hub, and explore the Coach and Instructor Development section in the Club Support area of the Resource Centre.

Mentoring Case Studies

Explore some real-life good practice examples of how mentoring can be delivered effectively by having a look at the case studies below. 

CASE STUDY – Midlands Gymnastics Academy

CASE STUDY – Prime Acrobatics

CASE STUDY – Leeds Gymnastics Club

CASE STUDY – Revolution Gymnastics Club

CASE STUDY – Benchmark Gymnastics Club

Qualifications and courses
We are proud to operate a comprehensive programme of education, including formal qualifications that are part of the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC). These qualifications sit on the national Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) with other professional and academic awards such as GCSEs, A levels and degree courses. We are also recognised nationally and internationally for our own specifically designed and bespoke awards and qualifications.

Our UKCC courses, quality assured and awarded by 1st4sport, operate across all disciplines for Level 1 and Level 2. At Level 3, we operate a generic course, coupled with a range of Technical Modules for each discipline.

We offer bespoke discipline-specific courses for coaches looking to develop High Performance standards, focusing on skill/technique development and advanced planning, methodology, sports science knowledge and physical preparation.

In addition to UKCC, we have a wide range of CPD courses and Add-On Modules that aim to deliver quality education opportunities to broaden knowledge and expertise.
Examples of available CPD;

• Disability Gymnastics
• Freestyle
• Double Mini-Tramp
• Gymnastics for All

Courses for teachers are also available. View Teachers Courses information page.

Qualification Structure

The current British Gymnastics Coach Education Programme (Cycle 6) consists of 51 qualifications over 3 to 5 progressive levels on each of the 11 gymnastics disciplines:

To view further information on our courses click here

If you hold a qualification from a previous cycle, please view the pdf Equivalent Qualifications Table (96 KB)  to see what it equates to within the current structure. 


British Gymnastics has developed an online learning site called the ‘British Gymnastics Academy’. This is a place to help develop and provide the gymnastic community with a location for online learning and resources at the reach of your fingertips.

A benefit of the online learning and resources is that you can take as long as you like on each aspect, stop at any time and pick up where you left off. You can also re-visit the online content and resources as many times as you like. All you need is a device with internet connection and appropriate British Gymnastics membership.

The British Gymnastics Academy contains such aspects as:

  • Your profile, so you can update any of your personal details
  • A help service, so if you get stuck you can either read the frequently asked questions or send our support team a message
  • Forums, to communicate with other learners
  • Videos and images, to help demonstrate the learning points
  • Interactive modules, which contain activities and information about certain subjects
  • Web pages, to provide further information on that subject
  • Downloadable documents, which can be downloaded and saved to your computer for offline reading and printing

How to I access the British Gymnastics Academy?

Once you have explored our courses and enrolled onto your chosen course via find a course you will be able to access the online content and resources within the British Gymnastics Academy.

The British Gymnastics Academy can be found via the dropdown menu on the British Gymnastics website, under Coaches then Online learning and finally British Gymnastics Academy.

You can also use this link to access the British Gymnastics Academy.

To login all you need is your British Gymnastics membership number and your GymNET password. If you don’t have a password you can either; click here or call Customer Suppport on 0345 129 7129 (Calls to an 0345 number are charged at a standard rate (calls from mobile phones may vary). Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes).

The British Gymnastics Academy is accessible via any device that has internet access.  We recommend you use a tablet, laptop or desktop to access the interactive modules.

Our great sport offers many valuable experiences and opportunities for gymnasts and participants. Our sport requires people with the desire and motivation to make a real difference - by choosing to coach. Whether you are thinking about becoming a coach, or looking to build on your existing skills and expertise, British Gymnastics offers a comprehensive range of opportunities that will enhance knowledge and understanding at every level.

Becoming a Coach
There are many routes into coaching; as an enthusiastic parent, as a gymnast, as a teacher, as a young leader through our My Academy Programme or simply someone inspired to be that person to make a real and positive difference. Whichever way you come to gymnastics, as a coach, you will have the satisfaction and pride in knowing you have helped others to participate, achieve and excel.

There are a number of great starting points for your coaching career, for example;

Helper courses: These courses are aimed at anyone interested in learning more about how to effectively help in a gymnastics and trampolining session. It focuses on the key skills needed to support your Lead Coach in delivering effective and participant-centered sessions.

For each gymnastics discipline, we offer UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) courses. Starting at Level 1 Assistant Coach, these set you off through the coaching pathway of your preferred discipline.

We also now have a number of part-funded places on selected UKCC Level 1 and 2 courses. To learn more, please see our Coach Development Fund page.

The Journey of a Coach
Quite often a coach will follow the prescribed coach education pathway for a particular discipline, developing sport-specific knowledge and expertise along the way. However, in order to provide as broad a programme of activity within a club, other coaches seek to enhance their knowledge across disciplines and activities.

Our programme of education course continues your development in both types of journey, with additional opportunities to learn and update/refresh knowledge always in development.

Part of your journey may well include acting as a mentor – someone who helps, advises and supports developing coaches. Click here to read more about being a mentor coach.