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Qualifications and courses

Qualifications and courses
We are proud to operate a comprehensive programme of education, including formal qualifications that are part of the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC). These qualifications sit on the national Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) with other professional and academic awards such as GCSEs, A levels and degree courses. We are also recognised nationally and internationally for our own specifically designed and bespoke awards and qualifications.

Our UKCC courses, quality assured and awarded by 1st4sport, operate across all disciplines for Level 1 and Level 2. At Level 3, we operate a generic course, coupled with a range of Technical Modules for each discipline.

We offer bespoke discipline-specific courses for coaches looking to develop High Performance standards, focusing on skill/technique development and advanced planning, methodology, sports science knowledge and physical preparation.

In addition to UKCC, we have a wide range of CPD courses and Add-On Modules that aim to deliver quality education opportunities to broaden knowledge and expertise.
Examples of available CPD;

• Disability Gymnastics
• Freestyle
• Double Mini-Tramp
• Gymnastics for All

Courses for teachers are also available. View Teachers Courses information page.

Qualification Structure

The current British Gymnastics Coach Education Programme (Cycle 6) consists of 51 qualifications over 3 to 5 progressive levels on each of the 11 gymnastics disciplines:

To view further information on our courses click here https://www.british-gymnastics.org/courses

If you hold a qualification from a previous cycle, please view the pdf Equivalent Qualifications Table (96 KB)  to see what it equates to within the current structure.