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Qualifying for Rio at the 2015 World Championships

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The 2015 World Gymnastics Championships sees country’s aim to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. We’ve put together a quick guide to show you how they can make it to Brazil.

Following the qualifying round of competition at the 2015 World Championships, the top eight men’s and women’s teams will obtain a team berth (five places) for the Olympic Games for their countries.

The apparatus finals medallists will also qualify to the Olympic Games, but only if their countries have not already qualified a team.

Therefore, at the end of the 2015 World Championships, between 40 and 52 Olympic berths in women’s gymnastics and between 40 and 58 berths in men’s gymnastics will have been attributed.

The individual gymnasts and the teams that do not qualify directly for the Olympic Games will have a second chance to do so during the Pre-Olympic Test Event in Rio in April.

This second qualification competition is reserved:
• For teams who finished 9th to 16th at the 2015 World Championships
• To 80 individual gymnasts, 40 men and 40 women. Countries that finish 17th-24th in the qualification competition at the World Championships will have the right to send two individuals to the Test Event. Gymnasts from nations outside the top 24 teams, according to their individual classifications in the same qualifying competition, will have the right to send a single gymnast to the Test Event. Brazil, as the Olympic host country, also has priority if at least one of its competitors has not already qualified.

It should be noted that the gold medallists in individual event finals from the 2015 World Championships and two gymnasts from countries that have already qualified teams to the Olympic Games may take part at the Test Event, though their results will not be taken into account when it comes to Olympic qualification.