Time to Listen

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Time to Listen

Time to Listen

This course will support you in your role as a club welfare officer and help to further develop your understanding of child protection and safeguarding within a gymnastics environment.

This course is designed to support you and your club in the safeguarding and protection of children. You will learn about the policies and procedures in place, and the different roles and responsibilities of everyone contributing towards the safeguarding of children.

You will be guided through a variety of exercises and activities in order to develop the skills necessary to implement best practice in your club.  

You will already have completed a Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) workshop before attending this course.

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Course Outline
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Who is this Aimed at:

Those that wish to support their club by becoming a welfare officer. Head coaches may attend the course for information purposes but are not allowed to be the welfare officer.

Pre Requisites:

Learners must be at least 18 years old on the day of the course.

What To Expect:

An informative course around the roles and responsibilities of a welfare officer and all those involved within their work.

Delivery Method:

Three hours- classroom based.

Do I Need To Bring Participants:

No participants are required.

Do I Need To Find A Mentor:

No mentor is required for this course.

What Resources Are Included:

Course specific resource pack.


£40 for British Gymnastics members (£80 non BG members)


By the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Define their role as club welfare officer (CWO)
  • Describe how their role will work in practice
  • Familiarise themselves with British Gymnastics safeguarding policy, procedures and good practice guidelines
  • Describe the elements of legislation and government guidance that are relevant to their role
  • Identify the specific roles and responsibilities of statutory agencies, including local safeguarding children boards
  • Demonstrate how they will relate to statutory agencies and BG in individual cases of actual or suspected child abuse

Welfare Officer within a club environment:

  • Setting the scene
  • How do you develop an ‘aware’ club
  • Supporting your club to involve children, young people and parents/carers
  • What does core legislation, government guidance and the national framework for safeguarding children and young people mean for you

Roles and responsibilities:

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of statutory agenies, LSCB’s, sports bodies and other organisations
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of designated persons in sports organisations
  • How can you develop confidence in applying your role and promote best practice in your club

Assessment Method:

There is no formal assessment for this course.

How Long Until I Am Fully Qualified:

Certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course.

We will have received a copy of your Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) certificate before issuing your Time to Listen certificate of attendance.

When Is My Assessment:

Not applicable to this course.

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07 Mar 2021
Premier Inn - Peterborough,Peterborough
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