Employment and Recruitment

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Employment and Recruitment

Employment and Recruitment

Employment law is in place to guarantee a fair and safe working environment for both employers and employees. There are statutes and regulations which outline for the employer how their employees should be treated within the workplace. It is important therefore for employers to understand employment law to create the best working environment possible.

Recruitment needs to be carefully planned in order to attract the right type of applicant. Ultimately, this increases the chances of making a suitable selection and appointment. Whatever your involvement, this session makes it clear that it is important for you to understand the whole process to make an effective contribution to the staffing of your club.

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What To Expect:

An informative course covering 2 main areas of Employment Law for Clubs.

Employment and Contracts overview is a general employment focused seminar with add-ons, and will cover many issues to be aware of to support your club in this area.

Recruitment and Selection includes preparation for conducting interviews and provides you with the tools for different recruitment and selection methods. It covers an explanation of the legal context of recruitment and selection and how to select appropriate recruitment channels.

Delivery Method:

Classroom, theory based.


6 hours

Employments and Contracts Overview:

  • Employment status
  • Employment rights, including pensions
  • Reasons for dismissal
  • Written particulars of employment
  • Staff policies and procedures
  • Self-employment and contracts for services
  • Apprenticeships
  • Volunteers

Recruitment and Selection Training:

  • Writing and placing advertisements
  • Application forms
  • Safer recruitment checks
  • Sifting and short-listing
  • Interviewing
  • Selection and appointment
  • Compliance with immigration legislation
  • Induction

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