Online safeguarding refresher (released 2019)

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Online safeguarding refresher (released 2019)

Online safeguarding refresher (released 2019)

This online course is a fresh approach to safeguarding in sport and is designed for those who have previously attended the face to face Safeguarding workshop. The Online safeguarding refresher provides information and good practice guidelines to renew your existing child protection knowledge to ensure that you remain confident in recognising the signs of abuse, reporting concerns and protecting children from harm.

The course is designed to add value to your knowledge and understanding of good safeguarding practice.

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Who is this Aimed at:

18 and upwards, and requiring to refresh their current safeguarding training.

What To Expect:

You will also have a chance to refresh your knowledge of the important information from every safeguarding course; specifically what signs to recognise that could be indicators that a child is at risk of harm, and how and who you should approach to communicate any concerns you have.

Delivery Method:



90 minutes

Pre Requisites:

If you pass your Level 2 coaching award you must ensure you take a 3 hour face to face Safeguarding course before you use your coaching award.

This award is appropriate for members who are over 18 and have previously attended a face to face safeguarding award.


The differences between safeguarding and child protection,

The current legislation and good practices that apply to working with children,

How to recognise children’s welfare issues and signs of abuse,

The benefits and risks of digital communications,

Reporting concerns.

What Resources Are Included:

Various online resources via the BG Academy.

How Will I Be Assessed:

On completion of all aspects of this online course.



Learner must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the course

  • Learner must hold one of the following awards:
  • ChildProtection - Child Protection Awareness
  • ChildProtection - Child Protection Other
  • ChildProtection - SPC Awareness
  • ChildProtection - N/I Child Protection
  • ChildProtection - UK Coaching
  • ChildProtection - LSCB Safeguarding
  • ChildProtection - UK Coaching Level 2
  • ChildProtection - Safeguarding Refresher
  • ChildProtection - UK Coaching Virtual Safeguarding Workshop

Online Theory:

  • The differences between safeguarding and child protection
  • The current legislation and good practices that applies to working with children
  • How to recognise children’s welfare issues and signs of abuse
  • The benefits and risks of digital communications
  • Reporting concerns

Assessment Method:

On course assessment, including questions to test your knowledge.

When Is My Assessment:

At the end of the online course.

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