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There is a wide range of funding streams available to clubs for a variety of products and programmes. Some of these are short-term only, others longer term. 

East Midlands Gymnastics offers bursaries for the following to clubs affiliated to British Gymnastics and EMGA - when ring fenced money is exhausted bursaries may be withdrawn, with the exception of Regional welfare officer funding.

1) All costs of nominated regional/club welfare officers courses safeguarding and time to listen
2) 2 additional safeguarding courses per club per year

document Bursary Claim Form - Safeguarding (39 KB)

Coaching - claim for one coach from each club at the levels below
Level 0
Level 1 
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

Must have passed exam before claiming. Claim will be from the date on the certificate (the last 3 months from the previous year will be accepted into the next year but will count in the year it is claimed).

document Bursary Claim Form - Coaching (59 KB)

50% of course fees once judges have judged at 2 regional events with a cycle 14 qualification - for full conditions see form.

document Bursary Claim Form - Judging (36 KB)

Funding Central
Funding Central is a funding search engine resource that is FREE to use for all British Gymnastics clubs.  This service enables clubs to identify a wide range of funders that are able to support your project.

Searches can be completed for a range of programmes including facilities, equipment, workforce/coaching or gymnast support. A funding search can be completed by going to

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