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Cancellation of all Women's East Midlands Competitions and Events until January 2021

Important Information
The WTC for the East Midlands in a Zoom meeting held on 26th May 2020 with Paul Lipton Executive Chair Present, have decided that with these challenging times and with the interests of not only the gymnasts but all of those involved in the sport we have no choice but to cancel the rest of the Women’s events for 2020. 

We will be informing British Gymnastics of this decision and have agreed it comes with the condition that we would run any competition,  only if required to do so by British Gymnastics in relation to qualifying for national final. From recent correspondence from British Gymnastics it appears the only likely event that this may be the case is Compulsory 3 qualification. 

Feedback from several coaches is that they would not want to enter compulsory 4 this year and would rather prepare for Compulsory 3 next year with their 9 year olds. We have discussed out of age comp. 3 girls and will discuss with British Gymnastics the rules around if we may be able to hold an additional Compulsory 3 event on 2021 so that out of age girls could compete in January and still be able to prepare for compulsory 2 later in 2021. (but not remove the retake possibility for in age girls). Much of this will depend on if British Gymnastics do run events this year and if not; what they put in place for girls that have missed compulsory 3 opportunities in 2020. 

There is currently no time scale for gymnastics to resume within clubs and when it does there are likely to be significant changes needed which are likely to impact on numbers in each facility. It’s expected that gymnasts will need a period of time to become competition ready and even if training was resumed before the Summer break it is unlikely they would be ready to compete this year. This was considered in our decision so that coaches can safely focus on getting gymnasts fitness levels and skills safely back to competitive level, without the pressure of competition for 2020. 

We will continue to follow Government and British Gymnastics guidance, and hopefully be able to prepare for a return from early 2021. The East Midlands is looking at ways we can support our clubs further. 

Once we have a clearer picture of when training can commence and the British Gymnastics calendar for 2021 we can begin to look at our own events for 2021. The WTC and indeed the executive committee stay in regular contact and will share any information and decisions as they are made. 

We understand the pressure clubs are under at this time and hope that removing the pressure of competition within the region relieves some of this and supports you in working towards making a safe come back for your gymnasts when eventually this is able to happen. 

We are all affected by this Virus, but our main concern remains as a committee the health and wellbeing of our gymnasts, their families, staff, volunteers, officials, coaches and supporters. 

If you have any queries or questions please contact me by e mail at and I will endeavour to answer you or direct you to the correct person to help you best. 

Jenni Harris Chairman – East Midlands WTC

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