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Committee Members

The executive committee is a group of the Association's members, some of who are elected to the post by its members or county. The committee meets at least four times a year. You can keep up to date by viewing the minutes of these meetings here.

The role of the committee is to regulate, advise, develop and safeguard the interest of the sport for the benefit of the community. This includes the development  of coaches, judges and any other role deemed necessary to carry out these objectives. The committee endeavours to improve the standard of gymnastics in the region, to increase membership to the Association and encourage participation in events at all levels. 

2013-2014 Committee Members - The following members are elected annually

Honorary President - Mr J Hodgson
Phone: 01473 624831
Email: john.ehodgson@talktalk.net

Regional Chair - Debbie Morgan
Email: d.morgan13@sky.com

Regional Secretary - Amanda Browne
Email: amanda@saltogym.org

Honorary Regional Treasurer - Mr A Dyer
Phone: 01502 582688
Email: dyer110@btinternet.com

Overall Competition Secretary - Mr R Grant
Phone: 01707 259681
Email: rossgrant@aol.com

Technical Chair/Representatives - To provide technical advice and information to the committee

Acrobatic Gymnastics Chair - Mrs J Musson
Phone: 01933 350405
Email: janine.musson@ntlworld.com

General Gymnastics Chair - Ms J Page
Email: jennifer@affinitygymnastics.co.uk

Men's Artistic Chair - Mr A Crawford
Phone: 01473 424107
Phone: 07766 35546
Email: andrewc11@aol.com

Trampoline Representative - Mrs N Weller
Phone: 01473 603522
Email: nicki.weller@tesco.net

Women's Artistic Chair - Vacant

Regional Welfare Officers - Karly Good & Verity Adams
Email: karlygood@hotmail.co.uk
Email: verityadams@hotmail.co.uk

County Representatives - Selected by their County to attend the meetings

Bedfordshire - Mrs J Musson
Phone: 01933 350405     
Email: janine.musson@ntlworld.com

Cambridgeshire - Vacant                            

Essex - Debbie Morgan
Email: carousel.sg@tiscali.co.uk

Hertfordshire - Ms J Page                          
Email: jennifer@affinitygymnastics.co.uk

Norfolk - Mrs G Halford
Phone: 01603 502976
Email: glenyshalford@virginmedia.com

Suffolk - various                              

More details of BG staff and the county welfare officers can be found here.

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