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Regional Benefits

When you affiliate to Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association (ECGA) there are many benefits that you will be entitled to, such as:

•    Entry into regional events and competitions,
•    Subsidies for regionally held courses,
•    County Association rebates based on number of affiliated gymnasts,
•    Opportunity to sit on County and Regional committees to assist with the decision making process,
•    Access to funding for courses,
•    Regional, Club and County news posted to regional website,
•    County Secretary updates to all clubs,  
•    Free advertisement for events on the regional website for all clubs,
•    Receive regular Newsletters from the Regional Welfare Officer,
•    Receive Newsletters on Women's Artistic Judging,
•    Access to advice and support from Technical and Executive committees,
•    Fee paid for regional teams who qualify to National competition through a regional qualifier,
•    Grants for Brevet and National Judge courses,
•    Annual Welfare Officer Day with free entry for all club welfare officers, and  
•    Annual Certificate of Regional Membership for all affiliated clubs.

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