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Chair: Mrs B Chapman

Secretary: Debbie Williams
Contact: [email protected]

County Welfare Officer: Vacant

Cambourne Comets Trampoline Club
Disciplines: Trampoline
Contacts: [email protected]

Cambridge Cangaroos
Based in Sawston with classes at Cambridge and Saffron Waldon
Disciplines: Trampoline
Contacts: [email protected]

Cambridge Gymnastics Academy
The Manor Community Centre, Cambride
Disciplines: General Gymnastics, pre school, Womens Artistic and Mens Artistic
Contact: [email protected]

CGA Gymnastics Satellites
Disciplines: General Gymnastics
Contact: Kayleigh Plaza, 07545 075 427 or [email protected]

Cambridge University Trampoline Club
The Leys School Sports Centre, Cambridge
Disciplines: Trampoline, for students and non students

Comberton Gymnastics Club
West Street, Cambridge CB23 7DU
Contact: [email protected]

Fenland Flyers
Disciplines: Trampoline
Contact: Adele Broda, 07850 831 825 or [email protected]

Fenland Gymnastics Academy
Disciplines: General Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic
Contact: [email protected]

Huntingdon Gymnastic Club
Disciplines: Pre school, Disability, Mens Artistic and Womens Artistic
Contact: Mrs S Beasant, [email protected]

Meridian Gym Club
Disciplines: Women’s Artistic, Men’s Artistic, General Gymnastics, Preschool 
Contact: Merry Raymond, 01733 838 544 or [email protected]

Neale Wade Gymnastics Club
Disciplines: Mens Artistic and Womens Artistic
Contact: Mr A Todd, 01354 692 437 or [email protected]

Peterborough Gymnastics Academy
Disciplines: General Gymnastics, Preschool and Womens Artistic
Contact: Zoe Manning, 07824 861 865

Phoenix Gymnastics Academy
Discipline: General Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic 
Contact: [email protected]

Rotations Trampoline Club
St Ives and Huntingdon
Disciplines: Trampoline, Disability and DMT
Contact: Paul, 07792 828 729, [email protected] 

Spiral Gymnastics Club
Disciplines: General Gymnastics and Womens Artistic
Contact: [email protected]


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