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Statement from the East Region

I, like everyone else, have been glued to the Olympic Games in general and the gymnastics most of all with our brilliant British Team.

I am so proud, indeed completely overwhelmed by the performances of Max Whitlock in particular and Louis Smith.

There is making history and there is rewriting the entire script which Max has done with ease.  Only three individual Olympic medals at one Games had ever been won before and now Max has three by himself.

He was selected for elite gymnastics as a six year old who completely untrained, could walk on his hands the whole way round the edge of a full floor area and now, with Scott Hann's brilliant coaching and his own hard work he rules the world.

Louis has now won a medal at three consecutive Olympic Games as well as winning Strictly Come Dancing.  These feats demonstrate an enduring and multi-talented individual and like Max, he is one of ours in the East.

Many congratulations to both men and their coaches and all good wishes from the East Region Executive Committee.

Sally Echlin

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