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Cancellation of all Eastern Counties Events and Activities until 30th June 2020

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Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association 

18 March 2020 

To all at Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association (“ECGA”) 

Cancellation of all Eastern Counties Events and Activities until 30th June 2020 

A meeting of ECGA officers yesterday following the updated Government advice of 16th March, and the statement released on the British Gymnastics website that they are cancelling all National events until 30th June 2020. Follow this link for the details

With immediate effect, as of 18th March 2020, the ECGA will cancel all activities until 30th June. This includes competitions, events and training camps across all disciplines which are Regionally organised. 

Extending to end of June brings the first half of the competition season to a complete close, takes away any additional anxiety/uncertainty and hopefully allows us to plan for the Winter programme with more clarity. 

Furthermore, it would be our recommendation that any Club Invitational events are also cancelled by local organisers. 

Safety has always been paramount: 
We understand from the Government that the London area is two weeks ahead of our parts of the Country in the spread of Coronavirus. Additional advice that we should reduce unnecessary travel, avoid gatherings and reduce social contact has meant that it would be foolhardy to run any ECGA events during this period. We must put our member clubs and their personnel first. It was however necessary to wait for British Gymnastics to publish their advice before we could move on the actions in relation to our events. 

We understand and share the disappointment of everyone involved and affected by this decision. Our principal concern is with the health and well-being of our gymnasts, their families, staff, volunteers, officials, coaches and supporters. 

Refund policy: 
For those clubs who have already made payment for entry, a full refund will be paid at the earliest convenience. Please have patience with us as we reconcile monies received from BG or otherwise before we can provide a refund. Refunds can only be made to clubs following a claim direct to the Treasurer, Alf Dyer - We will not delay any further than is necessary. 

Current entries in the BG Entry system: 
As mentioned above, all completed entries for competitions which have now been cancelled will be paid a refund. Any entries in the system, whether complete (paid) or incomplete (unpaid) will be void and will not be carried over to future events. 

Winter events programme: 
During the coming months, our Management Boards and Technical Committees will continue to review the situation. We can only hope the Coronavirus passes soon enough that we can commence our gymnastics events from September onwards. We will strive to fit as many competitions as we can into the remaining Winter months and provide as many children as possible the opportunity to compete. 

Finally, on a personal note this has been an extremely trying time for the Gymnastics community. I know only too well from the wealth of feedback from clubs over the last week the challenges you are facing. 

I also know that one of the biggest reasons Gymnastics survives is because we are an amazing community. Now is the time to lean in and help one and other, reach out and speak to your neighbouring clubs and see if you can become stronger together. 

I would like to thank the ECGA Executive Committee and Technical Committees who have helped me navigate this complex and fast-moving situation. Above all else – please listen to the advice and stay safe – we will be stronger on the other side. 

Please send any further enquires to Debbie Morgan - or Samantha Dewell -

Debbie Morgan
Chairman - Eastern Counties Gymnastics Association


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