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English GymnasticsHome Country affiliated to British Gymnastics and representing the Regions of North of England, North West, Yorkshire, East, East Midlands, West Midlands, London, South, South East, South West and the English Schools Gymnastics Association

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The English Gymnastics Association Limited (EGA) was originally formed in 1982 by the English Regions, to ensure that England was represented in the Commonwealth Games and other International events. English Gymnastics is recognised by Commonwealth Games England and the Commonwealth Gymnastics Federation. We have also been instrumental in ensuring that English Championships now enjoy a major event status in the British Gymnastics (BG) calendar.

England competed in the Commonwealth Games in 1978, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and in Glasgow in 2014. England also competed at Commonwealth Championship events in 1982 in Australia and 1986 in Scotland, when gymnastics was not part of the Games.

The political timetable of devolution has affected the way in which sport in the UK is governed and National Governing Bodies of sport have being directed towards a federal system of governance.

The BG Board approved in 2005 that, in line with the UK Sport and PMP Review, an England Home Country Governing Body (incorporating the ten English Regions and the English Schools Gymnastics Association), be officially recognised and affiliated to BG.

The EGA maintain existing programmes, including Commonwealth Games, English Championships, England National Squads and International Competitions. 

The Chair of each English Region and the English Schools Gymnastics Association has a seat on the Board of the English Gymnastics Association Limited and Technical Panels are appointed to advise on team selection for events.  The EGA is the official voice for the ten English Regions and there is a Director (nominated by England) on the BG Board of Directors.


Currently, only the ten English Regions and the English Schools Gymnastics Association are Affiliated members of the EGA.


Breathtaking to watch and exciting to perform, Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports in Great Britain, with an estimated four million people taking part on a regular basis (source 'Young People in Sport, Trends in Participation' - Mori 2002).  Performance gymnasts demonstrate amazing skill, exceptional strength and great courage.  However, Gymnastics is a sport that offers everyone a fun, social and exhilarating activity, from babies at 8 weeks old to veterans of 88+ years.

Gymnastics introduces people from a very early age, to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, leading to a huge variety of opportunities of enjoyable and rewarding non-competitive and competitive sport.  Taking part in a sport like Gymnastics, not only gives a huge amount of pleasure to participants, but also encourages self-confidence and develops motivated, fit and happy people.  Participation in Gymnastics develops body awareness, strength, flexibility, control and co-ordination, which can be drawn upon during other physical activities, sports and in every-day life.

The diversity of the sport, varying equipment and a mix of skills and competencies, have created a sport that meets the needs of a wide range of participants.  For sheer beauty, elegance and sensational displays of strength and courage, there are few sports that can match Gymnastics.

Under the overall description of Gymnastics, lie the individual Disciplines.  To read more about each Gymnastic Discipline, please click on the relevant link below:

Women's Artistic Gymnastics
Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Trampoline, Double Mini Tramp (DMT) & Tumbling
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Acrobatic Gymnastics
Aerobic Gymnastics
Gymnastics for All
Disability Gymnastics


• Gymnastics is seen as one of the top three sports in the UK
• The British Gymnastics brand is internationally recognised and a household name
• The Gymnastics club is the hub of the local community
• Success creates global icons

The eight Strategic Priorities of the 2011-2017 Plan are as follows:-
• Create a brand that reflects the values of the sport and unifies the gymnastics community in the UK
• Ensure systems and processes enable the effective and efficient delivery of the sport in the UK
• Invest in the development of coaches and associated delivery systems
• Define new markets/experiences for the 9+ cohort and introduce strategies to stimulate greater participation
• Strengthen and support the high performance network/system across all disciplines
• Increase club access to facilities and new spaces resulting from austerity measures being introduced in local government and businesses
• Assist clubs and coaches to fill the gap in service provision in schools and identify future talent
• Create a spectacular event in every major city designed to entertain a non-gymnastics' audience



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