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English Artistic Championships 2010

Boys U13 Champion Image
MAG Boys U13 Champion
Tommy Nocolaou (Pipers Vale)

Mens Junior Champion Image
MAG Junior Champion
Frank Baines (Southport YMCA)

Senior Mens Champion Image
MAG Senior Champion
Sam Hunter (unattached)

Boys U13 Image
MAG Boys U13 Championship

1st - Tommy Nocolaou (Pipers Vale)
2nd - Hamish Carter (Notts)
3rd - Hayden Skinner (South Essex)

Mens Junior Image
MAG Junior Championship
1st - Frank Baines (Southport YMCA)
2nd - Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus)
3rd - Brinn Bevan (South Essex)

Senior Mens Image
MAG Senior Championship
1st - Sam Hunter (unattached)
Joint 2nd - Yevgen Gryshchenko (Hinckley) & Ruslan Panteleymonov (Hinckley)

English Espoirs Image
WAG Espoir Champion
Charlie Fellows (Sandbach)

Womens Junior Champion Image
WAG Junior Champion
Laura Mitchell (Heathrow)

Womens Senior Champion Image
WAG Senior Champion
Danusia Francis (Heathrow)

Womens Espoir Image
WAG Espoir Championship
1st - Charlie Fellows (Sandbach)
2nd - Sophie James (The Academy)
3rd - Gabrielle Jupp (Sapphire)

Womens Junior Image
WAG Junior Championship
1st - Laura Mitchell (Heathrow)
2nd - Ruby Straw (Notts)
3rd - Rebecca Tunney (City of Liverpool)

Womens Senior Image
WAG Senior Championship
1st - Danusia Francis (Heathrow)
2nd - Jennifer Pinches (City of Liverpool)
3rd - Nicole Hibbert (Heathrow)

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