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Claudia Fragapane - Commonwealth All-Around Champion

As if the Results from the Men's All-Around wasn't good enough, the England Women took their turn tonight in the All-Around Final at The Hydro and set off to go just one better.  It was neck and neck all the way, with the No 1 position changing frequently.  In the end, it was pretty clear that Ruby Harrold (ENG) would get a medal, but the outcome of who the other two recipients would be could have gone one of three ways.  In the end, it was all on the last two gymnasts, Elsabeth Black (CAN) and Claudia Fragapane (ENG) and how they performed on the last apparatus - Floor.

Both gymnasts had high scoring routines, but when the pressure was on Elsabeth cracked and ended with a score of 12.766.  On the other hand, Claudia rose to the challenge and for the second day running performed a near perfect Floor routine, which had everyone holding their breath in anticipation.  As she finished, it was clear to everyone that she had given the performance of her life and would be suitably rewarded.  The score came in and it was 14.733. 

With Elsabeth scoring lower than anticipated, it meant that she had lost her place in the medals and had been replaced by Hannah Whelan (ENG).

What a result for the England girls - total domination of the Medal podium with Claudia Fragapane (GOLD), Ruby Harrold (SILVER) and Hannah Whelan (BRONZE).  An unbelievable result and a fantastic sight to be seen.  All three girls totally deserved the outcome after some fabulous performances on all apparatus, but the night went to Claudia, who clearly was very emotional as she received her Gold medal (for the second day running) and three England flags were raised to the England anthem.

GOLD ENG Claudia Fragapane 56.132
SILVER ENG Ruby Harrold 55.232
BRONZE       ENG Hannah Whelan 54.599
4th CAN Elsabeth Black 54.157
5th AUS Olivia Vivian 52.632
6th WAL Georgina Hockenhull 52.598
7th CAN Isabela Maria Onyshko        52.565
8th WAL Elizabeth Beddoe 52.540
9th CAN Maegan Chant 52.032
10th SCO Emma White 51.532
11th MAS Farah Ann Abdul Hadi 51.065
12th NZL Brittany Robertson 50.682
13th AUS Georgia Rose Brown 50.598
14th SCO Amy Regan 50.432
15th RSA Kirsten Beckett 49.533
16th NZL Charlotte Sullivan 49.098
17th NIR Nicole Mawhinney 48.565
18th SIN Janessa Dai 48.465
19th SIN Heem Wei Lim 48.299
20th RSA Bianca Mann 47.665
21st IOM Grace Harrison 47.599
22nd IND Dipa Karmakar 47.432
23rd RSA Claudia Cummins 46.890
24th CYP Stelutsa Savvidou 45.632

All photographs courtesy of Linda Gore

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