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The English Championships 2017, which took place at the EIS Sheffield over the weekend of 14th/15th October, was a great success.  We had a total of 458 Entries from Trampoline, DMT and Tumbling.  This year's English Championships was a new format, including Tumbling for the first time.  In the Trampoline Senior event, we had a new English Champion in our Women's competition, and a reigining Champion in our Men's competition.

This year's Championships also had the introduction to Horizontal Displacement and the Horizontal Displacement machines being used.  The machine records where you land on the trampoline and deducts points if an athlete lands on certain areas of the trampoline.  This machine does also record time of flight, which is then added to the execution score and difficulty marks.

Results for the Senior Men's & Women's Competition in all three disciplines are detailed below:

Lewis Bartlett from OLGA Poole retained his Title by scoring a total of 56.885, beating his score from the previous year by over a whole mark.

Gold Lewis BARTLETT (OLGA) 56.885
Silver Elliot STOREY (OLGA) 55.355
Bronze   Edward Weeden (OLGA)   52.840

Amanda Harris from Northampton (NTGA) took the crown, by scoring a total of 52.490.

Gold Amanda HARRIS (NTGA) 52.490
Silver   Alexis WILSON (Levitation)   15.410

Chris Lunt from Dynamo Academy, scored 69.200.

Gold Chris LUNT (Dynamo) 69.200
Silver Olivier WATLING (Bath Evolution)   67.900
Bronze   Mark PERCIVAL (Bath Evolution)   67.100

Senior Women's English Champion, Becky Jarrett from Whirlwinds, scored 64.300.

Gold Becky JARRETT (Whirlwinds) 64.300
Silver Amy WALTON (City of Salford)   64.200
Bronze   Samantha BENN (Bracknell) 63.400

This year, only the Men competed in the Senior Age Group, with Kristoff Willerton from Andover taking the title.

Gold Kristof WILLERTON (Andover)  
Silver Michael BARNES (Andover)
Bronze   William BRESLIN (Milton Keynes)  

The day after the English Championships, we had the English Regional Cup.  Five of the English Regions competed against each other, to become English Regional Cup Winner.  The Regions were:

North West
West Midlands
South West
South East

In this competition, there were two disciplines - Trampoline and DMT.

In the Trampoline, each Region had 12 gymnasts in their Trampoline Team.  In the first Round of routines, six of these gymnasts were chosen to compete one routine each.   Every routine's scores were added together to give each Region a total score after each Round.  Then the next six gymnasts performed in the next Round to determine a position.  Then, 1st and 2nd would go head to head, and 3rd and 4th, with only six of the gymnasts competing, one from each group.  Finally, all scores each Round were added together to determine a Winner for the Trampoline Regional Cup.

DMT was extremely similar.  Only six gymnasts were selected, with three to compete in each Round.  Then once all six gymnasts had competed, 1st and 2nd would go head to head, then 3rd and 4th etc.  All six gymnasts per Region competed this time - not just three.  All scores from each Round were added together to determine the Winner for the DMT Regional Cup.  

Synchro was also a competition added in, where each Pair would complete two routines and their scores would also be added to the total scores to determine a Regional Cup Winner.  There were mixed Gender and same sex gender Synchro Pairs in this competition as well.

TRAMPOLINE - (Total scores after each Round:

Round One

1. South Region 284.025
2. North West Region 277.705
3. South East Region 270.285
4.   West Midlands Region   229.820
5. South West Region 209.505

Round Two

1.   South Region 280.100
2. South East Region 280.095
3. West Midlands Region   268.900
4. North West Region 249.585
5. South West Region 0.000

Rounds Three & Four

1.   South Region 282.405
2. South East Region 285.870
3. North West Region   295.945
4. West Midlands Region   277.735
5. South West Region 228.270

Trampoline Total Results

1.   South Region 846.53

2. South East Region 836.25
3. North West Region 823.235
4. West Midlands Region   776.455
5. South West Region 437.775

Trampoline Positions (Due to Round Three & Four)

1st South East Region
2nd South Region
3rd North West Region  
4th   West Midlands Region
5th South West Region

DMT - Total scores after each Round:

Round One

1. North West Region 198.900
2. South East Region 190.500
3.   South Region 183.800
4. South West Region 182.200
5. West Midlands Region   0.000

Rounds Two & Three

1. North West Region 187.900
2. South East Region 187.100
3. South Region 181.300
4.   South West Region 180.300
5. West Midlands Region   0.000

Rounds Four & Five

1. North West Region 382.100

South Region

3. South East Region 353.100
4.   South West Region   349.600
5. West Midlands Region   0.000

Total Results

1.   North West Region 768.900
2.   South East Region 730.700
3. South Region 719.500
4. South West Region 712.100
5. West Midlands Region   0.000

DMT Positions (Due to Rouns Four & Five)

1st   North West Region
2nd South East Region
3rd South Region
4th South West Region
5th West Midlands Region  

SYNCHRO - Total Results

1st   South Region 790.350
2nd North West Region 703.750
3rd South East Region 698.500
4th South West Region  547.150
5th West Midlands Region   365.550

At the end of the Regional Cup, all scores from the three competitions were totalled up and below is the Leader Board:

1st   South Region 2356.380
2nd   North West Region 2295.885
3rd South East Region 2265.450
4th South West Region 1697.025
5th West Midlands Region   1142.005

For full Results, please click on the relevant link below:
Results (Prelims) TRA, DMT & TUM 14.10.17
pdf Results (Finals) TRA, SYNCH, DMT & TUM 14.10.17 (353 KB)
pdf Results - English Regional Cup 2017 (448 KB)

The Official Photograph for the event was Cecil Paul Studios.  Photographs from the event can be found on their Website ( by clicking on the Client Access tab and entering the Password 800120.  Paul is still taking orders online for this event.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and thought it was a great show, with an immense amount of passion and an amazing set of passes and routines.  Thank you for everyone who participated and attended the event.  To keep up to date with all the latest news and information on future events, please visit the English Gymnastics website.  We hope to see you all soon...

(Photo Montage:  Courtesy of Cecil Paul Studios)
(Article:  Courtesy of James Ferrari)

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