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Let the Games Begin...

Thursday 5th April saw the start of the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.  England will be competing in Men's and Women's Artistic and Rhythmic at the Coomera Indoor Sports Arena.

The Competition Schedule for Artistic can be viewed pdf here (134 KB) .  (Please note that all timings in the Competition Schedule are Gold Coast timings - the UK are 9 hours behind). 

The BBC Schedule for showing the Gymnastics is attached pdf here (335 KB)

Results and performances, on a daily basis, will be posted below throughout the Games.



Men's Artistic Team Final and Individual Apparatus Qualifications (ENG - Subdivision 3)
Team - Max Whitlock MBE, Nile Wilson, James Hall, Dom Cunningham, Courtney Tulloch

The England Men's Artistic Team have got off to a fabulous start, taking Gold in the Men's Team Final:

Gold - England (258.950)
Silver - Canada (248.650)
Bronze - Scotland (240.975)

Full Men's Team Results can be viewed pdf here (207 KB) .

The Top 18 gymnasts (maximum 2 per Country) qualify for the All-Around Finals, which will take place on Saturday 7th April.  See pdf here (118 KB)  the Qualification Results for the All-Around.  England's Nile Wilson (86.100) has qualified in first position, with James Hall (84.850) in second.

The Individual Apparatus Finals will take place on Sunday 8th (Men's Floor, Men's Pommel, Men's Rings) and Monday 9th (Men's Vault, Men's Parallel Bars, Men's Horizontal Bars).  England gymnasts who have qualified for the Individual Apparatus Finals (again only 2 per Country) are:

Men's Floor - Max Whitlock, Nile Wilson
Men's Pommel - Max Whitlock, James Hall
Men's Rings - Courtney Tulloch, Nile Wilson
Men's Vault - Dom Cunningham, Courtney Tulloch
Men's Parallel Bars - Nile Wilson, James Hall
Men's Horizontal Bars - Nile Wilson, James Hall


Women's Artistic Team Final and Individual Apparatus Qualifications (ENG - Subdivision 4)
Team - Kelly Simm, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Lucy Stanhope, Alice Kinsella, Taeja James

An excellent second day of Gymnastics, with the ENG Women taking Silver at Gold Coast in the Team Final.  For a very young and inexperienced Team, this was an outstanding result.

Gold - Canada (163.075)
Silver - England (162.650)
Bronze - Australia (157.450)

Again, the Top 18 gymnasts (max 2 per Country) qualify for the All-Around Finals on Saturday 7th April.  See pdf here (110 KB) the Qualification Results for the Women's All-Around.  England's Kelly Simm (53.600) and Alice Kinsella (53.600) have both qualified for the All-Around in 2nd and 3rd Place respectively.

The Individual Apparatus Finals will take place on Sunday 8th (Women's Vault, Women's Uneven Bars) and Monday 9th (Women's Balance Beam, Women's Floor).  England gymnasts who have qualified for the Individual Apparatus Finals (again only 2 per Country) are:

Women's Floor - Taeja James, Alice Kinsella
Women's Balance Beam - Alice Kinsella, Kelly Simm
Women's Uneven Bars - Georgia-Mae Fenton, Kelly Simm


Men's All-Around Finals
What another amazing day at Coomera Sports Arena.  With the Wilsonators out in force - they weren't disappointed.  Both Nile Wilson and James Hall had the packed Arena on the edge of their seats and just kept getting better and better as the Rounds progressed.  It all came down to the final Round on High Bar and Nile came away with a fabulous Gold and James Silver.  What an outstanding performance from both England men.  We are very proud and it was a wonderful site to see two England flags flying in the medal ceremony.  For full Results, see pdf here (112 KB) .

Gold - Nile Wilson (ENG) : 84.950
Silver - James Hall (ENG) : 83.975
Bronze - Marios Georgiou (CYP) : 83.750

Women's All-Around Finals
The Women's All-Around Final followed with Kelly Simm and Alice Kinsella representing England.  The competition was extremely close throughout, with barely a point splitting the top six gymnasts going to Floor, the final apparatus.  Alice Kinsella had an outstanding performance, bringing home the Bronze medal.  Kelly Simm had a costly fall on Beam that hampered her medal chances, but still produced some impressive routines to finish in 5th place with 52.600.  Well done England girls - you have had an outstanding day and have made us very proud.  For full Results, see pdf here (103 KB) .

Gold - Elsabeth Black (CAN) : 54.200
Silver - Georgia Godwin (AUS) : 53.800
Bronze - Alice Kinsella (ENG) : 53.150
5th - Kelly Simm (ENG) : 52.600

Fabulous performances all round.  Bring on the Indiviudual Apparatus Finals which start tomorrow.

Today saw the England Men competing in the Floor (Max Whitlock MBE and Nile Wilson), Pommel Horse (Max Whitlock MBE and James Hall) and Rings (Courtney Tulloch and Nile Wilson) and the England Women competing on Uneven Bars (Georgia-Mae Fenton and Kelly Simm).

Men's Floor Individual Final
Things didn't quite go to plan on the Floor, with Max finishing in 6th (13.333) and Nile in 8th (12.400).  Full Results pdf here (80 KB) .

Men's Pommel Horse Individual Final
Max showed his superb Pommel mastery, scoring 15.100 (the same score as Northern Ireland's Rhys McClenaghan).  However, through the tie-break system, where Rhy had a higher execution score, Max ended up in Silver medal position.  James Hall produced a tidy routine to score 14.066, taking 5th place. 

Gold - Rhys McClenaghan (NIR) : 15.100
Silver - Max Whitlock MBE (ENG) : 15.100
Bronze - Zachary Clay (CAN) : 14.300
5th - James Hall (ENG) : 14.066

For results, click pdf here (80 KB) .

Men's Rings Individual Final
Finally for the Men - they saved the best for last with Courtney Tulloch showing all of his class; demonstrating his immense strength on the Rings and scoring a superb 14.833 and taking the Commonwealth Games title and Gold medal.  Nile Wilson showed his usual flair, strength and skill, with a well-executed routine, scoring 14.400 and taking the Silver medal.  Fantastic result again for the England Men. 

Gold - Courtney Tulloch (ENG) : 14.833
Silver - Nile Wilson (ENG) : 14.400
Bronze - Scott Morgan (CAN) : 14.000

Results can be downloaded pdf here (79 KB) .

Women's Uneven Bars Individual Final
England's Georgia-Mae Fenton and Kelly Simm took to the Uneven Bars and didn't disappoint.  Kelly performed well, scoring 12.966 to take 6th place, but Georgia-Mae had a close to perfect routine, giving a sensational performance with a score of 14.600 - taking the Commonwealth Games title and Gold medal.  Absolutely outstanding result for Georgia-Mae.

Gold - Georgia-Mae Fenton (ENG) : 14.600
Silver - Brittany Rogers (CAN) : 14.200
Bronze - Georgia Godwin (AUS) : 13.433
6th - Kelly Simm (ENG) : 12.966

Women's Uneven Bars Results pdf here (79 KB) .

Today is the last day of the Artistic Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games.  England's Men and Women have been competing in the Individual Apparatus Finals (Men - Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar and Women - Floor and Beam).

Men's Individual Vault Final
Courtney Tulloch and Dom Cunningham competed on Vault today and what a performance.  Both performed exceptional Vaults, Courtney following up on his Rings Gold with a Silver on Vault.  Teammate Dom Cunningham joined Courtney on podium to take a well-deserved Bronze.  On this occasion, they were out-performed by Christopher Remkes from Australia who performed two exceptional Vaults to take Gold.

Gold - Christopher Remkes (AUS) : 14.799
Silver - Courtney Tulloch (ENG) : 14.666
Bronze - Dom Cunningham (ENG) : 14.333

Results pdf here (82 KB) .

Women's Individual Beam Final
Alice Kinsella combined high difficulty with very precise execution to take a brilliant Gold for England in the Beam Final.  Teammate Kelly Simm was also outstanding on Beam, having fallen in the All-Around Final.  Kelly showed her class to take the Bronze medal behind her teammate.  Brilliant performance from the England girls.

Gold - Alice Kinsella (ENG) : 13.700
Silver - Georgia-Rose Brown (AUS) : 13.066
Bronze - Kelly Simm (ENG) : 13.033

Results pdf here (79 KB) .

Men's Individual Parallel Bars Final
Nile Wilson gave a faultless routine, but was pipped to the Gold medal position as a result of the tie-break rules, which gave Georgiou (CYP) the edge on execution score.  England's James Hall also worked well on the apparatus, but the competition was fierce and he took 5th place with a very commendable 14.100.

Gold - Marios Georgiou (CYP) : 14.533
Silver - Nile Wilson (ENG) : 14.533
Bronze - Frank Baines (SCO) : 14.400
5th - James Hall (ENG) : 14.100

Results pdf here (79 KB) .

Women's Individual Floor Final
15 year old Taeja James showed she is definitely one to watch in the future and again demonstrated some high difficulty skills in her Floor routine.  Unfortunately, two steps out cost her and she finished in 7th with 12.666.  Teammate Alice Kinsella, last up, was unable to control her final tumble and placed 8th.

Gold - Alexandra Eade (AUS) : 13.333
Silver - Latalia Bevan (WAL) : 13.300
Bronze - Shallon Olsen (CAN) : 13.266
7th - Taeja James (ENG) : 12.666
8th - Alice Kinsella (ENG) : 11.666

Results pdf here (80 KB) .

Men's Individual High Bar Final
Nile Wilson ended the Games as he started, with a Gold medal on High Bar.  His routine was World Class and almost faultless, scoring him 14.533 for his third Gold medal.  James Hallwas also hugely impressive.  He, once again, showed his consistency and skill to produce a superb, well-executed routine for 14.000 - taking joint Silver with Canada's Cory Paterson.

Gold - Nile Wilson (ENG) : 14.533
Silver - Cory Paterson (CAN) : 14.000
Silver - James Hall (ENG) : 14.000

Results pdf here (78 KB) .

That sees the end of the Artistic Gymnastics for the Commonwealth Games on Gold Coast.  What a superb event it has been and we still have the Rhythmic to come (starting in the Coomera Arena on Wednesday 11th April).  The Board and Staff of English Gymnastics would like to congratulate its Artistic Men and Women for their exceptional performances over the last five days.  Their professionalism, teamwork, skills and results have been outstanding - well done to all Team members and their Coaches.  A total of 16 Commonwealth Games Medals have been obtained by the England Artistic Team:

GOLD - 6



Team Final & Individual Apparatus Qualification
Starting Wednesday 11th April, the England girls (Mimi-Isabella Cesar, Stephani Sherlock and Hannah Martin) take to the floor for the start of the Rhythmic event.  England will compete in Sub-Division 2.

Mimi Cesar impressed the crowd with her hoop routine, that was full of confidence and well performed (score 11.050).  Stephani Sherlock's high tempo routine was full of difficult skills; two unfortunate errors near the end costing her slightly (score 11.250).  Hannah Martin showed great form in her hoop routine - England's youngest Rhythmic gymnast, opening her campaign with 10.850 points.  With ball, Mimi performed with drama - her routine engaging the crowd with multiple butterfly leaps to score 10.950.  Stephani had a nervy moment early on in her routine, but en ded with some beautiful work to score 11.050.  Hannah Martin continued her confident qualifying with a superb ball routine for 12.300 to take her to the final.  Mimi lost control of one club during her routine, but otherwise looked strong to score 9.100.  Stephani also had some small errors but also executed some difficulty skills scoring her 10.450.  Hannah's routine was full of energy (score 10.100).  With ribbon, Mimi once again showed her trademark dramatic performance and scored 10.050.  Stephani matched Mimi's score with 10.050 and gave a salute to the England fans as she left the floor.  Last up for Team England, Hannah Martin performed nicely with a smile on her face, scoring 10.450.

GOLD - Cypress (130.625)
SILVER - Malaysia (127.950)
BRONZE - Australia (120.800)
6th - England (108.500)

All-Around Qualification Results:
Hannah Martin - 43.700 (16th)
Stephani Sherlock - 42.800 (17th)
Mimi-Isabella Cesar - 41.150 (19th)

Results:  pdf Team Final (200 KB)  / pdf Individual All-Around Qualification (203 KB)


Individual All-Around Final
15 year old Hannah Martin and Stephani Sherlock qualified for the All-Around Final and Hannah impressed, finishing in 7th place, with Stephani Sherlock in 14th.  The gymnasts began their All-Around competition with the hoop exercise.  Stephani had difficulties (score 9.500) and Hannah looked delighted with her excellently performed routine, which gave her a superb 13.250 marks.  On the ball exercise, Stephanie completed a nice routine for 10.850 and Hannah's routine was joyous, a thumbs up to her coach confirmed how happy she was (score 12.000).  With clubs, often the most testing apparatus, Stephani's routine was packed with difficult throw and catch elements, with one costly fumble mid-routine (score 10.350).  Hannah's routine was full of energy.  Sadly she couldn't quite grasp one club on the very last skill, but still scored an impressive 12.250.  Finally, on the ribbon apparatus - Stephani finished with a nice performance for a score of 10.700 and total 41.400.  Hannah continued her great final, scoring 11.850 for a total of 49.350 points. 

Hannah Martin qualified for the Individual Ball Final - Friday 13th April.

Results - pdf Individual All-Around Final (198 KB)


Individual Ball Final
Hannah Martin competed in the Individual Ball Final - an excellent performance with a score of 12.500 - finishing in a commendable 5th place.

Results - pdf Individual Ball Final (148 KB)

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