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WA Horizon Cup 2019

WA Horizon Cup 2019
The Women’s Artistic England Espoirs travelled to Thessaloniki in Greece on Friday 8th November, Paige Moroney, Mercedes Moore, Dixie Lindsay, Annabel Shaw and Willow Hughes, along with coaches Michelle Flemings, Carla Gale-Parks (WAG coaches), Sharon Gott (WAG coach who went for further experience) and Debbie Baker (judge).

Day 1 started with a smooth journey out there and successful podium, considering all gymnasts were quite tired. Then a shuttle back to hotel for dinner and straight to bed for gymnasts.

On Day 2 the shuttle took us to arena for day 1 of comp. Started comp with rest then 2nd rotation vault.   

Paige was up first with a pike yurchenko, great height but over rotated landing. Next up was Annie who was competing her FTY for the first time, great height and strong landing. Unfortunately, Dixies FTY didn’t quite go to plan, so another fall but the rest of the team stepped up to ensure we still got 3 scores to count with Willow and Mercedes both landing their vaults.  Next was bars, Willow was up first, started off strong, then just overdid it on the blind and went over but made sure she went through rest of the routine clean. Followed by Paige, clean routine with a lovely jaeger and stuck the landing. Next up was Dixie who apart from an early 1/2 causing her to hit her feet on the mats she got through. 4th up was Mercedes who hit a difficult routine, caught a lovely geinger and finished with a strong full in dismount. Last gymnast up was Annie who went clean to give England their 3rd needed score to count on this apparatus.

Shuttle bus then took us all back to the hotel we went for dinner then took gymnasts out for a short walk around local area and sea front. Shuttle bus then took us all back to the arena for presentation at 8.30.

Medals were received for the following:
Vault silver – Mercedes Moore
Vault bronze – Annabel Shaw
Bars gold – Mercedes Moore
Bars bronze – Paige Moroney

Day 3, started the morning with breakfast, followed by collection from the shuttle bus. 

We arrived at arena and the girls started the warm up. Apparatus warm up went well although all girls were a little shaky and nervous on beam. Again, girls finished their warm-up on rest then started on rest. Then 2nd rotation was beam. First gymnast up was Annie, although a little wobbly here and there Annie started the team off well with a clean beam routine. Paige was next up, unfortunately had a fall on flick layout and free cartwheel. 3rd up was Willow who controlled her nerves and performed a clean routine. Next up was Dixie who made an unfortunate mistake on her mount and then fell on free cartwheel flick. A little pressure now being felt for Mercedes. Mercedes didn’t quite perform her flick mount how she always does which unsettled her a little for the rest of the routine with a fall on her low spin. Team talk was had and the girls were ready to go out and finish their competition on a high on floor. 

Annabel started the girls off well with a clean floor routine. Followed by another strong floor routine from Mercedes who did exceptionally well to compete and land her difficult tumbles (including a full in) on the old floor being used for the competition. Next up, was Dixie who performed a clean floor and followed by Paige who also performed a clean floor. Clean floors from all girls. Comp finished and it was back on the bus to the hotel. Girls and boys were all taken to dominoes pizza for dinner. Shuttle bus picked us all back up and took us back to the arena for the final presentation. 

Results for England WAG Espoirs below:
Beam Bronze – Willow Hughes
Floor bronze – Paige Moroney
AA TEAM - silver
AA Ind  Silver – Mercedes Moore
AA Ind Bronze – Annabel Shaw

Top 8 rankings for the weekend include;

It was a smooth & successful trip, thank you to all who came and supported us!
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