FreeG is an expressive and fast growing activity that requires keen and motivated coaches in order to provide a fun and safe movement experience.

Why not extend your coaching expertise to include the skills and know-how to lead FreeG sessions and add a new and fresh activity to your club?

Coach education opportunities (in the form of Freestyle add-on modules/courses) are available now to assist those interested in leading this exciting new activity.

Learn how to create a free-flowing environment within an established session structure, where Freestylers plan and invent their own pathways around the gym.

FreeG coaches don’t just supervise sessions; they help guide skill learning, and assist with the physical preparation and spatial awareness required to master freestyle tricks.

How to set up FreeG
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How to setup FreeG

FreeG is a fantastic way to retain gymnasts and is an easy and fun activity to run at your club. FreeG involves minimal equipment including, safety mats, springboards, coaching blocks and a vault.

If your club is interested in establishing FreeG you will require the services of a level 2 (minimum) Freestyle coach. If you don’t have a suitably qualified coach, any British Gymnastics coach who holds a minimum level 2 qualification in any gymnastics discipline (excluding preschool) can undertake a level 2 Freestyle add on module.

British Gymnastics also offers level 1 and level 3 Freestyle add on modules. You can use our Course Finder to find a course near you or contact your local Workforce Development Coordinator for more information.

For more information on how to set up FreeG at your club, please contact your local Club Development Coordinator.

To lead FreeG sessions, clubs require a Level 2 coach (not Pre-School) with the Freestyle Level 2 add-on module. Coaches at Level 1 (not Pre-School) can qualify to assist in coaching FreeG activities by enrolling on the Level 1 Freestyle coaching award.