FUNdamentals offers a wide range of activities organised within 16 themes, such as ‘seaside’ and ‘healthy eating’. Each theme is usually delivered over 6 sessions of approximately 45 minute duration. The programme delivery is signposted by FUNKY Cat and his friends, each created to identify a particular skill through a FUN medium. Steady enjoys doing all the balance activities, Springy enjoys jumping about, Stretchy enjoys the warm-up sessions, Speedy has good locomotory skills, Swingy enjoys using apparatus, Sporty is well co-ordinated and Funky Cat himself, is a good all-rounder.

During the sessions, children are transported into the World of FUNdamentals in which the iconic ‘Funky Cat’ leads them in a range of physical and musical activities that ensure their interest and excitement. At the end of each term, children receive badges, certificates and medals to recognise their efforts and encourage them to progress further as well as to evidence participation and learning. The certificate and badge are attractively and colourfully designed and the certificate is personalised with the child’s name. There are gold and silver medals available as more themes are completed.

There may be a photo-session at the end of each theme at which parents/carers can purchase a photographic record of the child's achievement from a specialist photography partner.

A logbook can also be used to demonstrate progress which is key to measuring a child’s development.

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