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About Festivals

Festivals - celebrate and show off in style!


Festival Gymnastics makes up a major part if the Gymnastics for All programme and is all about the non-competitive, social and display side of gymnastics.

GymFusion is the British Gymnastics national festivals programme that has taken the Uk by storm offering 11 new festival opportunities across Great Britain.  There are a large number of international festivals ranging from a one day event to a week of team displays.  The largest international festival is the FIG World Gymnaestrada which takes place every four years. 

This is a very visual side of Gymnastics that is accessible to all disciplines and levels of the sport. Teams of gymnasts can range from Pre-school to Veterans, with no limit to the numbers in a team. There are also all female, all male or mixed teams. The regulations for each festival varies however usually routines last between 6-8 minutes and can display all elements of gymnastics, mixtures of disciplines and with or without apparatus.

It's not too late to get involved!  Applications of interest and pre-registration for the following festivals is now taking place:

  • Gym for Life, Cape Town, July 2013
  • World Gymnastrada, Helsinki, July 2015

To register or for more information contact us