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The British Gymnastics development team are here to support you. The team are working locally to achieve the aim of ‘more people taking part in more activities’ through developing and increasing opportunities, space, delivery partners and volunteers in gymnastics.

The main priorities for London this year are as follows:

  • to build on the success and deliver a number of key regional events including the Club Conference, the Young Leaders Conference, GymFusion and two Club Development days
  • to further support the development of clubs and signpost them to relevant products, initiatives and opportunities such as GAP,  MY Club, MY Leadership Academy, Gym Challenge, GymFit, Club Leaders and GymMark
  • to support clubs in growing their 11+ programmes and opportunities, in particular Freestyle and Trampoline
  • offer support with Facility, Satellite club and Leisure Centre site development

More specifically, the team’s key objectives are to:

  • increase participation in gymnastics through continuing to develop the core gymnastics offer for under 11’s
  • focus on retaining and growing participants aged 11-25 through providing relevant opportunities and activities
  • develop local gymnastics networks involving clubs, schools and leisure centres, to align delivery and increase opportunities
  • continue to form and improve partnerships with organisations delivering gymnastics


The team’s work is predominantly focused around four work areas; opportunities, space, delivery partners and volunteers. Key activities within each of these work areas include:


  • the growth and development of Gymnastics for All activities such as Freestyle Gymnastics, Adult Gymnastics, Fitness and Teen Clubs
  • the introduction of new disciplines in clubs
  • the continued growth and development of GymFusion and other festival opportunities
  • the development of mass participation competitive opportunities


Delivery Partners

  • to improve the running of clubs through providing support via conferences, GymMark and external organisations such as Club Leaders
  • to support the growth of gymnastics in leisure centres
  • provide support to the development of gymnastics in schools via our Schools Offer and club-school links
  • work with colleges and universities to improve provision for gymnastics



  • support the development of dedicated gymnastics facilities
  • increase access to non-dedicated space such as schools and leisure centres, for smaller clubs and satellite venues



  • continue the development of Young Leaders who may then go onto coaching, events, judging, non-coaching roles
  • increase the number of adult volunteers in clubs


The British Gymnastics Club Development Coordinators are based locally and are here to support, grow and develop your club.  Please find details of your local officer below:

0345 129 7129 ext. 2393
Email: [email protected] 

Sport England has announced the launch of Club Matters, a One Stop Shop of support for sports clubs. This resource will bring together Sport England's existing support for clubs; Clubmark, Club Leaders and Help for Clubs to create a single, integrated and free support package for clubs. Club Matters will provide clubs with learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club whether it is ‘large, small, formal or informal’.

Club development support will be offered through:
• Online Support
• Workshops
• Mentoring
• Club Improvement Plan
• Club Views
• Clubmark

As Club Matters is largely online, its flexible nature allows clubs to fit development around their already busy schedules. The tools and resources available will help clubs to understand their management, members and volunteers, developing their skills and creating more sustainable clubs along the way. Face to face support is also available for those who prefer to learn from and with others.

There are a number of funding sources available to London Clubs to apply for. Many of the funding opportunities are detailed within the British Gymnastics funding newsletter. Additionally, London Sport provides a monthly funding update and also has a funding search tool available.

Download: London Sport Central funding updates

Download: BG Funding newsletter

If you are seeking funding information for a specific project please contact your BG London Development Team.

Clubs located within London Boroughs North of the Thames contact:
[email protected]

Clubs located within London Boroughs South of the Thames contact:
[email protected]

London Sport is the County Sports Partnership for London, and was established through the merger of the five PRO-ACTIVE London partnerships. London Sport’s vision is to make London the most physical active sporting city in the world and they work with a network of partners to help achieve this.

London Sport works predominantly at a strategic level with local, regional and national partners in the public, voluntary and private sectors. They work flexibly across all sports and physical activities with a wide range of partners including National Governing Bodies of Sport such as British Gymnastics as well as local authorities, public health, the voluntary sector and with other community organisations.

London Sport offer a range of services including funding advice, workforce support through bursaries and resources, distribution of funding through different programmes, insight data etc.

Each office has a regional focus, displayed below. Once the vision and strategy for London Sport develops, the geographical arrangements will be reviewed. Key contacts for these current regions:

North: Charlotte Stanton Mob: 07826 932264 Email: [email protected]

South: David Gentles Mob: 07988 493351 Email: [email protected]

East: Claire Smith Mob: 07841 362104 Email: [email protected]

West: Mandana Mehranpour Mob: 07917242593 Email: [email protected]

Central: Pete Meldrum Mob: 07535 798261 Email: [email protected] 

London Gymnastics works in close partnership with our British Gymnastics London Development Team to support our member clubs throughout London.

London Gymnastics looks after its member clubs, acting as a collective voice for concerns and ideas to take to British Gymnastics.

London Gymnastics help provide a framework of Technical Know How through a wide ranging competition programme and related technical education provision (course, clinics etc). Our aim is simple: To provide the perfect balance of fun, passion and precision for gymnasts, coaches and clubs.

More information on the benefits of London Gymnastics Regional Club Affiliation.

London Gymnastics works in close partnership with our British Gymnastics London Development Team to support our member clubs throughout London. The British Gymnastics London Development Team offers a range of support for clubs across the region. Some of the areas which they can offer support with include:
• GymMark
• Facility project
• Programme development including a range of GfA programmes
• Funding opportunities
• Satellite clubs
• Networking & Signposting
• Gymnastics development groups
• Volunteer development
• GymFusion
• Continued professional development events (CPD)
• London Case studies
• Document downloads
• Resources & Awards
Business support

More detailed information on some of the activities including funding, London Sport and Club Leaders can be found on the left hand menu which is specific to London. More generic information on National led schemes (such as GymMark) is available from the top menu under Clubs.