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When I took over the position of Chairman, just over a year ago, we had approximately 40 boy’s taking part in Men’s gymnastics competitions.  Over the last year I have fought hard to try and grow Men’s gymnastics in London, to a point now where I can say we have over 70 boys taking part in competitions in London.

During this last year alone we have been able to send 5 full teams to National finals and one gymnast in Level 6. We had two teams actually medal, 1 Bronze and 1 Silver, and an individual Bronze at Level 1. This is something London has not achieved over the last few years so with a stronger Regional Squad this year I am hoping to send 6 full teams to Nationals for 2013 and hopefully see an increase in the team and individual medal tables.

Also for 2013 I am looking into taking the Regional Squad away for a training camp during the summer. So come on boys and to all you men’s coaches, come and join the Men’s Artistic teams and lets bring London boy’s back to the top where we belong.

Want to be the Master of 6 pieces of apparatus?

Then Men’s gymnastics is where it’s at. Each piece of apparatus, although different from each other, all require a combination of strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, body control and co-ordination. From the pure beginner to National and International Champions, London Gymnastics can offer it all.

As a region we offer many opportunities for gymnasts and coaches to gain experience.

  1. Competitions – Regionally and Nationally, and some lead onto being invited into the Junior National Squad.
  2. Coaching Clinics – We try to organise at least 2 per year. These are a great opportunity for coaches to get together and pass ideas and coaching techniques between each other and to have a guest coach come and pass on some of their vast knowledge.
  3. Regional Squad Training –Gymnasts are invited to attend a testing day once a year and the boys chosen then train together on alternate months at different gym clubs thoughout the London region. They then go on to represent the London Region at National Finals.

Gymnasts competing in the NDP Finals must purchase the following:

  • Regional Tracksuit
  • Kingfisher Leotard
  • White shorts
  • Longs White Trews


The MTC continues with the rollout programme for its new Regional Kit as some of the old kit is no longer supplied by the manufacturer and it has become necessary for us to develop a new design.

To make this as smooth as possible, and to try and avoid too much of a financial strain on parents, the new regional kit has been phased in over 2 years.

To help reduce the financial burden to parents, the cost of all regional kit has been substantially reduced, and in all cases through our partnership with The Zone, we can offer Lycra items at a much reduced price if purchased directly through the MTC rather than The Zone.

To see a full Price list for the MTC Regional uniform, pdf click here (125 KB)


Coaches not already in possesion of a new tracksuit will be asked to purchase the new tracksuit trousers and tops this year. Once again we have managed to negotitate a considerable reduction. A free polo shirt will also be available for Regional Coaches.

Gymnasts who have Regional Kit are expected to wear it at Regional Squad Training

It will be at the discretion of the MTC Chairman not to allow gymnasts or coaches to take part in the finals if they do not have appropriate kit.

We would ask that you adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Following the competition, gymnasts finishing in the top six will immediately go to a separate area to be measured and order Regional kit.
  2. An order form must be completed.
  3. Orders for kit must be paid in full. No orders will be accepted unless accompanied by a cheque or cash.
  4. Cheques should be made payable to LG MTC
  5. A receipt of payment and confirmation of the order will be given
  6. Gymnasts will receive their kit at the competition or it will be posted to them within 4 weeks.
  7. Coaches will order their kit following the coaches meeting at the Regional Finals.
  8. All gymnasts will require the new tracksuit.

Please Note: We ask you to ensure that parents bring a cheque or cash to pay for all of their kit at the Regional finals. Club's will be asked to cover the cost of ordering the kit if the above is not actioned, and without payment, kit cannot be ordered.

Each year the Men's Technical Committee produces its handbook, and 2016 is no different.

Our website makes it easier than ever to quickly find the information you need about our competition programme. However, the handbook is the one file that contains all the information brought together into one place. You can download it using the link below and print it as needed. Any revisions throughout the year will be noted on this page with the latest version available to download.

document (1 MB)
pdf MTC Handbook 2016 (1.01 MB)
FIG Rules (including Code of Points)


It has been a longstanding action for the Men’s Technical Committee to put together a comprehensive Regional Squad Programme. In recent years gymnastics has undergone a huge change both in terms of its method of assessment and the subsequent increase in demands on the young aspiring gymnast. For this reason 2013 will see an investment by the MTC in its coaches in order to equip them to properly prepare their gymnasts so they can meet these demands head on.

2012 saw the start of the newly formed Regional Squad and the training began. London was actually able to send 5 full teams to National finals (something we had not done for a few years) in May of that year and the boys exceeded all our expectations. We are hoping that this year we will be able to send 6 full teams to Nationals and the possibility of some boys to the Elite National finals. The Regional Squad Training will be beneficial to gymnasts, but more importantly a process of coach education will encourage coaches to aspire to produce a higher standard of gymnastics in the region. No system is fail proof – so your feedback will be key to the success of the programme.

It is really hoped that this system will go someway towards improving our results at the National Finals.


Many Regions now run Regional Squad training on a regular basis and the benefits are clear to see. It can:

  • Give gymnasts a sense of achievement by being a member of the Regional Squad
  • Give gymnasts the opportunity to mix with gymnasts from other clubs
  • Give gymnasts the opportunity to mix with new coaches
  • Gymnasts can refine skills, and work new skills
  • Gymnasts will train in different clubs, some of which will have better facilities than their own
  • Gymnasts can work closely with other youngsters who will be in their team in National Finals and can create a good team atmosphere
  • One of the biggest benefits to coaches is education. They can learn from others, refine techniques, share ideas.



The first training session will be for the Regional NDP Teams from 2012 and their coaches as this session will introduce changes to set routines and updates on code amendments made during the last year.

  • Those gymnasts selected as Regional Squad gymnasts will be expected to adhere to the Regional Squad membership guidelines as shown below.
  • Coaches should inform the MTC Chairman if a selected gymnast has given up gymnastics or no longer aspires to be part of the London Team so that the space may be offered to another gymnast for inclusion in the Regional Squad Training


Format of Training Sessions

The format for each subsequent regional training session will be 10.00am – 1.00pm unless otherwise advised  

Regional Squad membership guidelines

  • Coaches will be allowed to petition to the MTC if they would like their gymnast to become involved in the Regional Squad Training
  • At any time the MTC may decide that gymnasts are not appropriate to stay in the Regional Squad Training or may be removed due to bad behaviour or irregular attendance
  • Training sessions will run from 10.00am – 1pm
  • All gymnasts that wish to compete in the National Finals and represent London, must attend Regional Training (according to the rules of selection shown above)
  • The MTC chairman should be notified ASAP if a gymnast or coach can not make the session
  • Poor attendance will not be tolerated
  • Gymnasts will pay £10.00 each training session to reinvest into the programme, and pay for facility hire
  • All gymnasts must wear regional kit