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Disability Gymnastics

Competition dates will be adhered to where possible, however, these may be changed if they clash with unpublished National events.

Latest Event Information

For latest event information including Entry Forms, Rules and Results can be found on the Find an Event link.
All competition entries to be sent to: Competition Organiser Kay Salter, 42 Tintagel Road, Orpington, Kent, BR5 4LQ

Acceptance of Entries

  1. All entries should be received by the Competition Organiser on or before, the closing date for that particular competition and must be completed in full, as directed.
    The person completing the entry form must ensure that all details are accurate. Requests for changes to an entry (which may arise from inaccurate information or completion of the wrong form for that particular competition / age group etc) after the closing date, may be considered as late entries and may not be accepted.
  2. The correct entry fee must be included with the entry form. Cheques made payable to "LG MTC"
  3. The Competition Organiser acting on behalf of the Disability TC, reserves the right to refuse any entry and disqualify a competitor or team at any time, if they do not comply with British Gymnastics / London Gymnastics regulations.
  4. A signed Club Declaration Form.
  5. Make sure you are using the entry form appropriate to the event/competition
  6. Ensure the coach who is putting on floor is legally entitled to do so
  7. All competition entry fees must accompany the entry forms and cheques should be made payable to the name indicated on the entry form, or paid directly into the  account as indicated
  8. All entry fees are non-refundable


  • There is a minimum age of 9 in the year of competition for any level leading to a National Final. The exception for this is the Poole competition.



  • Many substances are listed as prohibited under the International Olympic Committee’s Medical Code and these include Caffeine where a positive result depends on the concentration urine not exceeding 12 micrograms per millilitre.
  • Salbutamol, Salmeterol and Terbutaline are permitted by inhaler only and must be declared in writing prior to the competition to the organiser for forwarding to the relevant medical authority. If in any doubt about substances please contact Sports Council Doping Control Unite 0171 380 8030.
  • Under FIG Regulations all BG Events are notified to the Sports Council and coaches must be aware that random drug testing can take place at any event.


Use of photography/video/digital camera equipment

  • Flash photography is not permitted whilst the gymnasts are performing their routines or during the warm-up sessions.
  • Individual clubs will monitor photography at competitions. 

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Each year the Disability Gymnastics Technical Committee produces its handbook, and 2015 is no different. Our website makes it easier than ever to quickly find the information you need about our competition programme. However, the handbook is the one file that contains all the information brought together into one place. You can download it using the link below and print it as needed. Any revisions throughout the year will be noted on this page with the latest version available to download.

Typical information includes:

  • Contact details
  • Events Calendar
  • Judges Information
  • Coach Education Summary
  • General Rules
  • Acro and Tumbling
  • Club Declaration Form
  • Poole Open Information
  • Regional Floor & Vault Information
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Disability Clubs within London Gymnastics

pdf Disability Handbook 2016 (1.04 MB)
FIG Rules (including Code of Points) (*this links to an external site)

I have been involved with Disability Gymnastics for many years and find it the best discipline to be involved in. Yes it is challenging and it has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day it is about helping young people to achieve things they never thought possible. 

I feel the time is right to move on and arrange more competitions. Although many work in General Gymnastics, there are those that prefer to stay with other disabled people. It is also time to see about setting up regional squads. Initially these will be combined Artistic (male and female) and Rhythmic. The aim being to come together to train and help each other with new NDP programmes and competition formats.

I would also like to arrange workshops on topics thought to be necessary by coaches within the region.

There has been an increase in young people joining gymnastics this year and I hope that 2013 sees an increase in participation within the London region. We have the expertise in the region, it is there for everyone to use. Let’s use it and keep London as one of the best regions for disability awareness and involvement.

The Disability Technical Committee is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers who serve on the committee for a period of three years. The Chairman is the only elected position, with the rest of the positions being by appointment of the Chairman.

Kay Salter
07967 346060
[email protected]

Kay Salter
07967 346060
[email protected]

Dave Balmer
01202 665090 / 07960 029140
[email protected]

Committee Members

Pauline Balmer - 07960 029140
Karen Desa - karen.rose
Jacqui Taylor - [email protected]

Other coaches and administrators will be co-opted onto the committee as and when they are required.

Please note: Where possible please try and use the contact details above if you have any issue or query related to a particular topic. May we remind coaches that parents should under no circumstances make direct contact with any of the committee members. Any comments from parents should be directed through a coach at the club.