TeamGym - British Gymnastics

Entry Information & Rules

Parents play an essential role at competitions. We want you to get your son/daughter their in good time. Ensure you find your club contact/coach and then let your son/daughter settle in. Encourage a good peformance, but do not apply undue pressure. Parents can support their children, and the coaches, at competitions in the following ways:

  • Ensure that your child understands the Competition Code of Conduct and follows it.
  • Ensure that your child understands about good sportsmanship and the need to support and show courtesy to others.
  • Set an example by supporting other gymnasts, not leaving the arena during a ‘round’ or leaving before the presentations.
  • Ensure that your child remains under the supervision of the coach during the competition. This will help them to focus on the competition, their team and in particular their performance, to enable them to give of their best.
  • Assist your child to remain focused by not distracting them.
  • Ensure that your child is prepared for the competition by arriving at the stated time & having the correct kit, removing jewellery etc.
  • Parents should not approach the officials or judges under any circumstances, but should liaise via their lead coach at the competition.

It is essential that gymnasts follow the direction of their coaches and London Gymnastics officials. They should ensure the follow the clear guidelines outlinned below:

  • All gymnasts must be current members of BG
  • BG Membership must be obtained before the competition; if this is not the case then the entry will be disqualified. 
  • Membership details of gymnasts will be checked before entry is confirmed.
  • This code applies to all gymnasts who compete in Regional, or National competitions.
  • Gymnasts will be under the supervision of the coaches for the duration of the competition.
  • Gymnasts should demonstrate good sportsmanship and support for others.
  • Gymnasts must sit with their team throughout the competition & support their team members
  • Gymnasts must not leave the competition arena without the knowledge and agreement of their coach.
  • Gymnasts are expected to remain for the duration of the competition including the presentations.
  • Gymnasts should be ready to compete;
      • Gymnasts should wear full track suit, clean white socks, and appropriate leotards
      • Hair should be ready dressed.
      • Gymnasts should remove all jewellery.
  • Gymnasts should bring emergency supplies:
      • Food or drink that is required depending on the duration of the competition
      • The required bands, pins, spray for hair & spare kit

When you arrive at the competition you will be asked to: -

  • Register the gymnasts who are competing.
  • Check the names of your gymnasts with those printed in the programme.
  • Withdraw any gymnasts who are not competing.
  • Hand in your music. [if applicable]
  • Collect a copy of the up- to -date running order.

It is essential that coaches who are responsible for gymnasts follow the clear guidelines outlinned below:

  • It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that you have the relevant coaching qualifications & current CRB
  • Wear appropriate gymnastic clothing such as your club tracksuit or you will be asked to leave the competition area by the Competition Director.
  • Ensure your competitors wear appropriate gymnastic clothing during warm-up or they will be asked to leave the competition area by the Competition Director.
  • Have your gymnasts ready to compete 30 minutes before the published times as changes to the programme due to withdrawals may be made by the Competition Director.
  • Have your gymnasts ready to take the floor immediately as the previous competitors complete their routine
  • Ensure your gymnasts are available for the march on at least 5 minutes before the start of the competition.
  • Coaches may not approach the judges for any reason. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in the gymnasts and coach being disqualified from the competition. For any queries relating to judging, the competition organiser may be approached with a written question.
  • Note that coaches are responsible for the conduct of their gymnasts at all times during the competition.
  • Ensure all jewellery is removed
  • Coaches must wear full-length tracksuit bottoms when putting on floor