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Each year the Rhythmic Technical Committee produces its handbook, and 2016 is no different.

Our website makes it easier than ever to quickly find the information you need about our competition programme. However, the handbook is the one file that contains all the information brought together into one place. You can download it using the link below and print it as needed. Any revisions throughout the year will be noted on this page with the latest version available to download.

Rhythmic Handbook 2016


Competition dates will be adhered to where possible, however, these may be changed if they clash with unpublished National events.

Latest Event Information
For latest event information including Entry Forms, Rules and Results can be found on the Find an Event link.

Four Seasons Tournament Information

Competition Entry Information & Rules
Additional Information

Competition Dates
Sunday 24th February 2013
Bexleyheath (A&V Gymnastics Venue)

Sunday the 2nd of June 2013
Edmonton Leisure Centre (Elite Gymnastics venue)

Sunday 21st of July 2013
Bexleyheath (A&V Gymnastics Venue)
Gymnasts’ Ages
The age of a gymnast participating in competition should be 8 by the first of January. It is a BG and London Gymnastics policy not allowing gymnasts under that age to participate in official competitions. Competition Year starts on the 1st January 2013 and finishes on the 31st December 2013.

Dress code for gymnasts
Jewellery, body piercing or adornments of any kind are not permitted. Make up for competition should be light and natural.
Chewing gum is not allowed.

Dress code for coaches
Clothes that are suitable for sports and do not put gymnasts' health and safety at risk. As for gymnasts, neither jewellery nor body piercings are permitted.

Code for judges for competitions
Navy blue or black trousers/skirts with blazer and white shirt.

"Lets bring grace to London"
This beautiful and exiting sport has been very popular in the rest of Europe for many years, but in Great Britain it didn't have many followers.

Back in 2007 there was only one rhythmic gymnastics club in the whole of London, however, the popularity of rhythmic has been growing and there are now at least six rhythmic clubs registered and taking part in London Gymnastics competitions. More rhythmic clubs means more rhythmic gymnasts, and obviously the greater the possibility of success. Last November, Edmonton Leisure Centre held the first competition organised in London for the last 18 years. It brought together 38 gymnasts and it was an enormous success.

I hope 2013 sees our discipline continue to grow.
The Rhythmic Technical Committee is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers who serve on the committee for a period of three years. The Chairman is the only elected position, with the rest of the positions being by appointment of the Chairman.

Rebecca Bunce
Tel: 07846 380270
Carol Bailey
Tel: 020 8783 0633
Carlota Viguer
Tel:07582 619050

Committee Members

Olga Berzing
Email: [email protected]
Rocio Sanchez-Fernandez
Email: [email protected]
Christine Brockbank
E-mail: [email protected]
Galina Clark
E-mail: [email protected]
Elena Kushnerenko
E-mail: [email protected]

Please note: Where possible please try and use the contact details above if you have any issue or query related to a particular topic. 
May I remind coaches that parents should under no circumstances make direct contact with any of the committee members. Any comments from parents should be directed through a coach at the club.




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Rhythmic gymnastics combines ballet, body skills and creative movements with music, while working with ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes and clubs in a choreographed dance-and-tumble routine. There are two different disciplines, individual and groups.

An individual gymnast competes with four different routines, using a different piece of apparatus and music for each of them. Every four years (Olympic cycle) one piece of apparatus gets excluded of the competition program.

Groups are made up of 5 gymnasts (+2 reserves) and they perform 2 routines As for individual gymnasts it will depend on the Olympic cycle which pieces of apparatus they use in their performances.

It has taken a little while to get Rhythmic Gymnastics up and running in London, but we are pleased to now offer a number of competitions. We would welcome your interest to help grow this discipline within London.