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Entry Information & Rules

National Programme - Voluntaries
Rules as set by BG WTC and coaches should ensure that they download the official British Gymnastics WTC Handbook.   Any event leading to National Finals must follow the finals rules, all gymnasts MUST have a Silver BG Competitive Licence.

British Club Grades and Compulsory level regulations
CERTIFICATES – A certificate and badge will be awarded to all gymnasts who achieve a Club Grade Pass. All gymnasts who achieve a Compulsory Level 4 and 3 pass will be awarded a certificate.

Grades 14 – 9  are competed Regionally only and Grades 8 – 5 are competed Regionally and the top 4 gymnasts scores of each of these Grades plus a reserve (5th place) will be selected to represent the London Region at National Finals.  The gymnasts may enter any new Grade as long as they are the minimum age required for that Grade as per rules.   Gymnasts may not compete the same grade twice unless they fail that grade in the previous year.  Gymnasts are not allowed to move back to a lower grade for any reason.

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  • For round off entry vaults, the safety collar MUST be in place
  • 20cm FIG specification matting + 10 cm supplementary matting with markings as specified for vault landing
  • Maximum run allowed 25 metres


  • Low bar 170cm / High bar 250cm (both +/- 1 cm) from the floor to  the top side of the bars
  • Maximum width between bars, inside bars on diagonal is 180cm
  • 20cm FIG specification matting with 10cm supplementary matting
  • The take- off board may be placed on the supplementary mat
  • The supplementary mat may NOT be moved during the exercise
  • Unauthorised raising of the bars will be penalised in accordance with   the FIG regulations.


  • 125cm from the floor to the top of beam
  • 20cm FIG specification matting with 10cm supplementary landing mat
  • The supplementary mat may not be moved during the exercise


• 12m x 12m FIG specification floor area

Coaches at apparatus

A coach may remain near the apparatus on BEAM DISMOUNTS ONLY.  This does not permit the coach to touch the gymnast during her routine unless to prevent an accident.

The coach should remain at the apparatus throughout the routine and as above, should not touch the gymnast during the exercise.

For  National Competitions a coach may ONLY be present on the podium for U. BARS to remove the springboard, then spot during the exercise.  There may be  a second person (coach/gymnast) on the podium to remove the board, after which she/he must immediately leave the podium.  At BALANCE BEAM the coach may remove the springboard after which she/he must immediately leave the podium.  The coach may assist and advise the gymnast during the intermediate fall time period from below the podium at Uneven Bars and Balance Beam.

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Supervising Coaches must be Gold, Joint Gold or Life members of BG and qualified to the level of the moves being performed before being allowed to participate in a Regional competition and to have a current BG specific CRB certificate.

Assistant Coaches must be Silver (if Level 1) Gold, Joint Gold or Life Members of BG before being allowed to participate in a Competition.

Coaches at competitions -  Minimum qualification is WA Level 2 Coach

Coaches have a duty of care towards their performers and have responsibility to ensure that they are both qualified and competent to teach at the appropriate level, as well as ensuring that the participant is adequately prepared, physically and psychologically, for performing their routines in a competition situation.

Level 1 coaches are not allowed on the competition floor.

  • Permission from the WTC Chair,  Bernice Negri is required. 
  • Level 1 Coach may only provide pastoral care, move the equipment, adjust apparatus and present the gymnast’s competition number.
  • If it is found that a club is in breach of these policies, the WTC Chairman reserves the right to reject an entry on the grounds of gymnast safety.

Coaches present at the competition

  • In individual competitions one coach per gymnast will be allowed in the competition arena. 
  • In team competitions two coaches from three nominated on the entry form are allowed in the arena at any one time.  One female coach and/or one male coach is permitted, or two female coaches.
  • A gymnast will not be allowed to warm up without a coach. 
  • Late arrivals will only be accommodated at the discretion of the competition organiser.
  • Change of coach must be informed in advance to Bernice Negri, Chairman.

As of the 1st January 2013, all coaches and judges taking part in any British Gymnastics National or International competition will be required to hold an up to date BG Recognised Safeguarding and Protecting Children training. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in you not being permitted to enter the competition as a judge or coach. You should also hold current BG membership and hold a valid BG Criminal Records Bureau certificate.

Health and Safety
The safety of all participants (gymnasts, coaches and officials) is the primary consideration.  All British Gymnastics policies and procedures will be rigorously applied with regards to health, safety and welfare and child protection. The onus is on the clubs representatives to ensure the health and safety of it's members at all times whilst at the competition.

Code of Conduct
This is as defined by the Code of Points – infringements will be penalised as detailed in the Code. 

Competition Attire
Appropriate competition, gymnastic attire of club tee-shirt or polo shirt and full length tracksuit or jogging pants and suitable footwear   Coaches will NOT be allowed on the competition floor if wearing jewellery (ear studs are permitted, wedding rings if taped).

Mobile Phones
Apart from as required for the running of the competition (WTC Chairman and Competition Organisers) gymnasts, coaches, judges and officials MUST NOT use mobile phones.

The chewing of gum is strictly forbidden.

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Gymnasts Ages
  • Gymnasts’ ages will be the age reached in the year of competition.
  • Competition Year is 1st January 2013 – 31st December 2013


  • All gymnasts must be members of a BG registered Club and affiliated to London Gymnastics.
  • Compulsory and NDP Grades - SILVER Membership
  • Level 4 and above - SILVER Membership
  • Level 5 including Compulsory and Age Groups - BRONZE Membership

Gymnast dress code

  • No jewellery, body piercing or adornments of any kind are permitted
  • No chewing gum
  • Handguards,  body bandages and wrist wraps are permitted; they must be securely fastened, in good repair and should not detract from the aesthetics of the performance. 
  • Bandage MUST be beige-coloured.

Tall Gymnasts

  • Both bars may be raised by 5cm or 10cm where a gymnast’s feet touch the basic matting while she is hanging on high bar or hips touch the basic matting while she is hanging on low bar. 
  • The request for the bars to be raised must be made with the competition entry form.
  • Where a single bar is used, this may be raised so that the gymnast’s feet in long hang clear the matting.

Order of performance

  • In all individual competitions the gymnasts will follow the drop down rule.
  • The first gymnast on their first apparatus will drop down to the bottom of their group on the next apparatus.

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