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London Festival

The Festival Committee is made up of a dedicated team of volunteers who serve on the committee for a Period of three years. The Chairman is the only elected position, with the rest of the positions being by appointment of the Chairman.

Director – Tracey Griffiths
07801 355370
[email protected]
Address: 41 Knowle Road, West Dartford DA1 3JN

Treasurer - Len Kent
07801 355370
Email: festival[email protected]

Secretary – Claire Nichols
[email protected]

Please note:
Where possible please try and use the contact details above if you have and issue or query related to a particular topic. 

May I remind coaches that parents should under no circumstances make direct contact with any of the committee members. 

Any comments from parents should be directed through a coach at the club.

Festival Aims

  • To promote the value and diversity of gymnastics to the general public.
  • To increase participation in gymnastics irrespective of age, gender, religion or ability.
  • To provide an incentive and motivation for the recreational gymnast.
  • To create a venue where gymnasts can display their talents
  • To provide an opportunity for the sharing of knowledge, ideas and new developments
  • To illustrate all the disciplines within gymnastics including acrobatic gymnastics, rhythmic, aerobic gymnastics, Disability Gymnastics as well as tumbling, vaulting and dance.

What the London Festival is all about

  • A weekend of fun and enjoyment for gymnasts, their coaches, family and friends.
  • Gymnastics displays that each last up to 10 minutes by teams from all over the country.
  • The age range of the participating gymnasts are from as young as 3 years to over 35 years young!
  • The routines are all set to music and include any combination of skills from basic gymnastics through tumbling, vaulting, balances and dance.
  • Teams represent various gymnastic disciplines including general gymnastics, artistic, acrobatic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, tumbling, vaulting, rhythmic and Disability Gymnastics.
  • More than just gymnastics it is theatre on a sprung floor