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This regional facilities strategy should be read in conjunction with the British Gymnastics Facility Strategy for England, which can be found on the main BG site.

The Southern Region Facility Strategy has been developed to support partners and clubs looking to develop gymnastics within their community for both non-dedicated and dedicated facilities.

The Facilities Strategy will:

1. Show the current provision of gymnastics within the southern region for each facility classification level
2. Highlight gaps in provision within the southern region for each facility classification level
3. Advise facility projects to consider a number of factors including demographics
4. Provide a regional plan with specific detail that should be read in conjunction with the British Gymnastics Facility Strategy for England, this can be found here.


Funding and sponsorship schemes are many and varied. They are often changed or updated and it is important to check what the funding bodies and authorities are offering at that time.

British Gymnastics Funding

You can also get in contact with your local CDC who can provide you with support with sourcing and applying for funding.

British Gymnastics Coach Development Fund
The coach development fund will hopefully encourage aspiring coaches by offering a 50% fee reduction on selected UKCC level 1 and 2 course places.

You can learn more by taking a look at the Coach Development Fund Guide.

If you think you could benefit from the scheme, click here to find out more.  Following this link, you will know how to find a place, check you meet all the criteria and how to apply online.

Funding Support Guidance
British Gymnastics has compiled a ‘Funding Support Guidance’ document to help support you with compiling funding applications.
document Click here (243 KB)  to download.

Sport England Funding

Small Grants
Small Grants uses Lottery funding to make awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more people play sport.

For more information please click here.

Inspired Facilities
Inspired Facilities is Sport Englands £110 million programme that funds the renovation and modernisation of local sports facilities. To date they have helped over 1,300 projects to improve and refurbish sports clubs or transform non-sporting venues into modern grassroots sports facilities.

Inspired facilities awards between £20,000 to £75,000 to non-for-profit organisations.

For more information please click here.

County Specific Funding  
For funding specific to Oxfordshire please click here.

For funding specific to Berkshire please click here.

For funding specific to Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes please click here.

Hampshire & IOW
Funding specific to Hampshire and the Channel Islands please click here.

Club Development
Clubs are central to participation in gymnastics, the delivery unit for the sport. Clubs play a vital role in both providing opportunities to participate and raising performance levels. Clubs need therefore to be welcoming and accessible, have access to appropriate facilities, a range of coaching opportunities, and be part of a wider network to provide opportunities for participants at all levels of the pathway.

Gymnastics clubs range from large, dedicated, multi-disciplinary, facility owning, team based organisations to those centred around an individual coach reliant on a local centre for one or two hours a week, using their dining room as the club office. Supporting clubs to become sustainable, safe and effective providers of quality gymnastics is a key aim for us, coupled with the need to expand capacity to meet the ever increasing demand for the sport.

The South and British Gymnastics work together to provide support for clubs in a various ways. Whether its business support, inclusive gymnastics or performance pathway, we have help available to you.

Please select the relevant links below for more information.

Business Support
Inclusive Gymnastics

British Gymnastics cannot use a standardised approach to assisting our clubs, due to their diversity, and dynamics. Within these web pages you will find information to support the various elements of club development.